What Hardware Are Used in a Managed Dedicated Server hosting?


As more new companies venture into the online world, there is a greater need for the best web hosting service. With the advancement of modern technologies, it can be difficult to choose complex methods, especially if you have limited technical skills. Hence, managed services are more and more popular with users.

Trusted service providers provide high-end technical and assistance support for your web hosting needs 24 hours a day. Hosting on managed dedicated servers is one of these choices. It stands as a sophisticated hosting option, and they produce excellent results.

Typically, the large majority of services will cause you significant confusion when you search for various services and plans. This post will describe the hardware involved in a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting service to help alleviate your anxieties.

What is Managed Dedicated Hosting?

The term “dedicated web server” refers to a type of web hosting where a whole server gets reserved exclusively for serving all of your needs. Utilizing the server’s capabilities, tools, and other essential features is therefore made simple.

You will have complete root access when using a dedicated web hosting setup. This signifies that no other users or external entities will obstruct your work process. On a dedicated web server, there is no sharing of your server’s space or resources, in contrast to shared hosting. Major components like bandwidth, storage, RAM, as well as CPU will all be available to you and can be easily expanded.

A trustworthy service provider can provide dedicated server hosting in one of two categories. Depending on your needs, both managed and unmanaged services could offer a variety of advantages.

Though we advise choosing a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Service with 24/7 support due to the high level of technical skills. Although this is a costly option for your company, the initial investment is quickly get balanced by massive benefits. A group of experienced engineers will control your managed dedicated service hosting solution.

Hardware Used in Managed Dedicated Server

Managed dedicated servers have the option of customizing their hardware platform, and this is one of their best features. It can be difficult to choose the right components, though, if you are unclear about how many processing resources you need to host your web services. If so, you should keep an eye out for the following:


The brain of any server is the central processing unit. You must take into account the CPU’s frequency and core count when selecting a CPU for Managed Dedicated Server Hosting. Choosing the proper dedicated server specifications often begins with the CPU. The performance of a CPU will improve with more cores and a higher frequency.


A dedicated server’s memory is equally crucial to its CPU. Your server will function more quickly with the more RAM you have. In extreme situations, not enough RAM can cause your hosted services to become extremely sluggish or even stop.

If you receive a high volume of traffic, you should consider renting a dedicated hosting with 16 or 32GB of RAM with managed services. You could always enhance it if you feel it is inadequate.


You should decide what storage you’ll use and how much storage space you’ll require before selecting a managed dedicated server hosting. You can use solid-state drives if you want. Although they cost more than HDDs, they are significantly quicker. SSDs provide less storage for the same price as HDDs, but because they lack moving parts, they are extremely fast and durable.

Network Transfer Rate

The time it takes for pages to load should not be excessive. If you stay connected to a high-speed network, websites will load more quickly and videos won’t pause. For the best hosting experience, go with a 10Gbps managed dedicated hosting server.


The amount of data that your server can transfer at one time gets determined by its bandwidth. You should ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth to facilitate everyone. The kind of data stored on your server should also get taken into account, along with the number of users. A managed dedicated server with 10-100GB of bandwidth is typically the best choice if you have a smaller website. But, if you’re running a streaming video server, a virtual learning platform, or a huge e-commerce facility, an unlimited dedicated hosting is the way to go.

Find The Best Hardware Components with Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting- Hostbillo

There is a clear demand for incorporating high-tech services all over the world. However, to complete this difficult task, you should keep up to date on a few of the most complex techniques.

Hostbillo provides highly efficient fully managed dedicated server hosting for your best hardware requirements. With lightning-fast results, you can use its solutions to increase the online visibility of your website. When you choose dedicated web servers from Hostbillo with managed services, you get stability and security. You will receive services like 24/7 support, regular maintenance, automated updates, and surveillance. All of these advantages can get added to your system at a much lower cost.

Factors to Know About Hostbillo’s Managed Dedicated Server Services

To learn about endless benefits that improve the functionality of your website, see what Hostbillo’s fully managed dedicated server hosting includes.

  • 24-hour technical support and assistance
  • Storage on SSD
  • Elevated uptime assurance of 99.90%
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Guaranteed 20x faster performance
  • Total root access with massive bandwidth
  • DDoS protection with a dedicated IP address


Choosing the right server specification can be difficult at times. The advantage of managed dedicated server hosting hardware is that you can select and choose the best combination. A dedicated hosting server is a right solution for better results, performance, and reliability. In this post, we discussed the importance of getting dedicated server hosting with managed services.

Hostbillo gets selected as the most suitable service provider for your business website. With their offered help and support, you can also get skillful support 24 hours a day. You can find a wide range of features and amazing managed dedicated server plans that are perfectly suited to your requirements.

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