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54th Street Grill & Bar54th street grill bar

54th Street Grill & Bar offers casual, neighborhood dining at reasonable prices. It is open daily for lunch and dinner. The menu features a variety of tasty dishes and is well-priced. The restaurant is retro-themed and the decor is casual. The food is casual but the drinks are upscale and tasty.


54th Street Grill & Bar on OpenTable offers a unique and eclectic dining experience in a casual, neighborhood setting. The menu features a range of American classics prepared with fresh, local ingredients. The atmosphere is relaxed, with kitschy decor. It serves fresh food, express service, and reasonably priced prices. Check out their prime rib sandwich for a meal you won’t soon forget.


The 54th Street Grill & Bar menu features many options for the entire family. You can find a wide variety of craft sandwiches, mile-high burgers, salads, pasta dishes, steak and more. If you are gluten-free or vegetarian, this restaurant is a great option. There are also several delicious drink specials on the menu.

It is a casual dining restaurant, founded in 1990 by Thomas E. Norsworthy. The restaurant offers upscale yet casual ambiance. The menu features more than 150 items, including fire-grilled burgers, homemade spreads, fresh vegetable salads, and sumptuous seafood dishes.

It has delivery services available in the Kansas City area. You can place an order on the restaurant’s website or via an Uber Eats app. You can review the menu before ordering. And You can also choose to have your food delivered right to your door. If you choose to use Uber Eats, you will need to set a delivery fee.

Delivery fees

If you are looking for a restaurant that delivers food to your home in Arnold, you’ve come to the right place. It offers a variety of menu options that appeal to a variety of palates. The restaurant is able to accommodate many different dietary needs, including those with food allergies. Their menu is affordable, and there are plenty of great side dishes available to pair with your meal.


Although its brand name is synonymous with the upscale restaurant and bar, 54th Street Grill & Bar isn’t your typical chain. Its newer locations feature extensive draft programs, focusing on craft labels. The company plans to open nine to ten new units between San Antonio and Austin in the next five to seven years.

It as a small end cap location in 1990. Founder Thomas Norsworthy had no experience in the industry, and the first six years were marked by rapid evolution. His goal was to create a fun atmosphere with a focus on food and drinks. The menu was updated often, and he tried to keep it as varied as possible. Its popularity meant he had to constantly add new items to the menu, which was never easy to do.

There are 54th Street Grill & Bar locations throughout the country. You can find a location near you by searching the menu or by looking up store locations on a map. Some locations are even malls. You can find directions to the nearest 54th Street Grill & Bar store by entering the gps coordinates or the phone number.

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