It’s Boba Time in Temecula, California

its boba time

If you’re looking for a great boba shop in Southern California, It’s Boba Time has just the place for you. This unique business is located in Temecula. You can find a full list of locations here. You can also find the restaurant at the Promenade in Temecula.

It’s Boba Time Adapting to change

If you’re Asian and you’re feeling like you’re a third culture kid, you’re not alone. There are many Asian-Americans who feel that they’re third-culture kids, as well. Boba is a way to reconnect with Asian culture while still being able to enjoy the traditions and cuisine of the United States. Its unique flavor blends various Asian flavors with American fare, and appeals to the entire spectrum of American society.

While the music video for “Boba Life” is a fun piece of music, the experience is also very familiar for many young Asian Americans. Slurping boba through an oversized straw, avoiding study sessions in favor of tapioca pearls, and nights out with milk tea and Jenga are all part of the boba experience. But bubble tea is much more than a drink. For many people, boba is an identity.

Initially, bubble tea was a popular drink in Taiwan, and it quickly spread to other Asian countries and communities throughout the world. Then, in the early 2000s, it made its way to North America and became a mainstream trend. However, the journey was a bit bumpy, as many customers were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices. Furthermore, Boba’s slightly abstract appearance initially posed a barrier to entry for many consumers.

It’s Boba Time Locations in Southern California

Its Boba Time is a popular concept that specializes in smoothies and slushes made with fresh fruit. The company also sells coffees and teas. With over 140 menu items, you can find the perfect drink to satisfy your sweet tooth. The chain has over 50 locations in Southern California and 28 more coming soon. While the original concept is based in Los Angeles, the company is now expanding across the state.

Boba Time has a unique concept in Oxnard, California. Located inside The Collection on Seaglass Way, this new location provides a unique Boba experience. This location is the only one of its kind in Ventura County. This new restaurant offers more than 140 flavors and menu items in addition to the traditional Boba tea drink.

Boba Time is a concept that started with a love of boba. Today, the chain serves over 140 different drinks from slushes and smoothies to coffees and milk foams. Customers can choose from a variety of toppings, as well as fresh juices and smoothies, and everything is made to order. There are also delivery options through Postmates for those who don’t have the time to go in.

Delivery fees

If you live in a New York City neighborhood, you can use a delivery service like Uber Eats to get your boba tea delivered. However, the delivery fees vary from place to place. Enter your address into the app to see what you’ll be charged. There are also subscription and membership options that can help you save money on delivery fees.


Boba Time is a small business located in Los Angeles, California. This company specializes in serving coffee to customers. It has been in business for 11 years and earns an estimated $268,475 in annual revenue. It employs three people in a single location. The company is owned and operated by a woman.

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