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“Coming across” Anubis was/has been the most fascinating experience!

In the Fall of 2010, a friend of mine had a dog that got loose and was missing. She, another friend, and I worked together on this as an exercise to try to locate the dog, and connect it back with her… to bring him home.

We did a healing circle; we each did work individually – in the ways we were Guided to do.

The third in our circle starting “seeing” this dog, every time she went into meditation to try to locate it. The dog would communicate with her, and told her he was a Guardian to lost souls… and specialized in helping lost animals find their way home.

She noticed something odd – that the dog would openly communicate with her, and was friendly, but would continuously look away. She emailed me about it… saying she kept on getting something about him being some sort of re-worked historical figure of sorts… and that she didn’t think he had eyes, by the way he kept on keeping his face turned away.

Right away, I kept on hearing “Anubis,” in my head, but when I asked her, she was hesitant…. because of the history. However, I had read in multiple places, and considered the plausibility myself, that if we have multiple lifetimes, or “experiences” – as I’ve been “told” in meditation – that those who have been considered gods/goddesses/angels/ascended masters/etc. have all had multiple iterations in Earth history, and often as different figures altogether, different names… same Being.

Anyway, I was interested in this figure – I love puzzles! – so I decided to also call to the figure, who readily showed up in my meditation, as well. She had only really described the dog as large, without much more of a description. I saw a large, dog, medium reddish brown, short-haired – and like my friend, he looked away when communicating. I asked straight out if he was Anubis, and he told me yes, that was one of his many identities. I got the distinct feeling of caring and concern… but distraction, like he was “listening” to the call of the animals. Our visit was short, but when I reported back to my friend, and I described him to her, she told me that was precisely the way she had seen him!

A few days later, the three of us got together, and did a “connecting” with her dog. All three of us could feel the connection, and lo and behold… there was our “new friend.” However, as if he had noticed our discomfort with him looking away when we communicated, we all saw him with sunglasses on! We had a good laugh about that… I had heard something about “A-Ra” in name… but from that moment on, she started affectionately calling him “A-Rod”… cool cat (or, ahem, dog) on the block!

The result of this story: Two weeks and two days after my friend’s dog disappeared, she found him. Unbelievable – it was awesome! All three of us had felt out that the dog would be found, within a few days of each other… which turned out to be spot on… and we all definitely felt the help of Anubis.

As my friend works more extensively with animals, she sees Anubis/A-Ra/A-Rod more regularly than I do… but on the occasion it has come up, he’s been there, sunglasses and all!

Something here to note: Though there is respect and reverence for those on the ascended planes who help us, humor is certainly a form of Love, which is of the Divine… and I will tell you personally that in my experiences, pretty much all of these Beings I have experienced have had a GREAT sense of humor (sometimes an annoying one, but I always appreciate good puns… those are stories for a different day). So, to “show up” in sunglasses is sort of a way to be endearing and lighthearted… which is definitely “alllowed”!

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  13 Responses to “Anubis”

  1. I loved reading your experience of Anubis. He is one of the dieties I work with in my practice of Wicca. I see him as very compassionate as he tenderly prepared the dead Egyptian Pharaohs for burial. I also see him as very fierce when he needs to be if not always awe inspiring, a being I rather like having in my corner. The sunglasses, well..I’m glad to see he has a good sense of humor too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular post! It is the little changes that will make the biggest changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. hi i was wondering if u can help me oout with something. i always use to dream about anubis when i was young (3-6 years of age) and now something werid is happening to me now and i want to understand fully of what it is. i can see better feel energy from otheres and there is this star that wants to talk to me or something. also if this helps my birthday was on the 23 of september during the black moon and after that day ive been different i am 21 now.

  4. I have just done a mediation. I like to meditate by imagining I am on an Arabic rug. I was joined by a black cat. I was compelled during my mediation to turn my head to the right where I was greeted by a bare chested being with the head just as anubis. I was not in fear completely but I was to look towards the darkness where anubis held my hand and assured me that he would guide me through the darkness and be by my side. I was comforted. Then I read up on anubis which has me a little fearful but reading this post has again comforted me. I am keen to find out more of anubis. I am intrigued.

  5. What does it mean if you seen “anubis” in a dream. And he squeezed your heart while you were in a sleep paralysis state.

  6. Did you ask the meaning of that? You can, you know!

    Anubis has been very present lately – in fact, he’s been around me for the past week or so! Always, always ask why a certain “face of the Divine” is present/doing something with you. Feels like he was trying to help you with something.

  7. Did Anubis work with lavender?

  8. Unreal… He’s been around me fore the last two weeks too…
    it’s comforting knowing others experience similar things. He told me he’s guiding me and helping me cleanse myself for what is coming… I’m not going to die but something big is happening on earth and in the cosmos…

  9. Interesting… I hadn’t seen him for quite awhile, and he’s suddenly been VERY present again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. ?? I don’t know, it’s never been in my experience. However, if that’s your guidance, then it would be so.

  11. Hello, new here and looking for answers about my dream. In this dream I was being called Anubis. Everything was so every where and the finest silks. Also while dreaming I was sitting on a thrown and someone says to me “Anubis, how should we judge them?”. I was asked 3 times, that’s when I realized the person was talking to me…”I replied with “What?” then I woke up.

  12. Meant to type Osiris..oops

  13. Hi I’m Jessy since i waa a child i dreamed an orb speaking to me. When i learned meditation at age of 26 anubis appear in my vision but first it was a desert, a pyramid, a holden light appear in yhe sky and i think it was horus, my position of meditation dramatocally change as kneing the sun then suddenly anubis appear in my left beside me, he doesnt talk and his face keep turned away. But a sort of unoticed constant moves my left hand is moving as it seems teaching me how to uae energy of sand and sun..? I can see energy form when my eyes close, i can search energy of my fellow friends from far distance by using astral or dimensional meditation.

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