Archangel Daniel

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One day, in Fall 2010, I was in meditation, and I had a very unique experience.

I was clearing and floating out there with Creator,  just floating in space…no thoughts whatsoever at the moment…

And I suddenly heard the equivalent of “:::Ahem…:::”

I sensed a white golden-lighted presence next to me… but I ignored it at first. I was FLOATING.

After some moments, I felt the presence still hanging there… like it was waiting for my attention.

So finally, I focused my attention on the Being there in space with me. White golden glow, huge wings… with a unique combination of strength, love, and peace emanating from it.

I remember I was a little perplexed… like someone butted in on my meditation… but I was wide open in floaty space. I thought, “Yes?”

I heard, “I am Daniel. Your presence is requested with the Council.”

This was a surprising new twist… and I had no idea what this creature was talking about.

Well, the “summoning” and subsequent conversation with the mentioned Council (what blinding, beautiful Light!) is a story for another day… but that was the day that I discovered – and met – Archangel Daniel.

So, you’re probably asking, “Who?” As I did.

After I had this experience, I called on Daniel in meditation. I was curious as to how I would become acquainted with this Being.

So, in discussion with Daniel during meditation, I found out that there had recently been some sort of reorganization in the uppermost levels of what ThetaHealing would call the 5th plane – where the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, (Councils, like the one to which I had been “summoned”) and any other Beings of the Highest Light exist – because I was suddenly “seeing” connections I hadn’t seen before.

Who knew? Not me! I found it very interesting!

Anyway, Daniel explained that he had been granted Archangel status… and that he is the Archangel of Love.

I was like, “Huh? Really? Like a male version of Aphrodite? Cupid?” (Though he definitely didn’t LOOK like Cupid! LOL)

Not quite…. but close. He has had iterations of different types of “love angels” through the times…. and there IS some connection to who we consider on the Earth plane as Venus/Aphrodite; there are even a few who call upon the Angel Daniel as the angel of marriage. However, his real focus is far, far different than what we consider romantic love.

I find that in his presence, my heart chakra just automatically opens, opens, opens exponentially, and I find I can feel a LOT, in many different parts of the Universe, simultaneously. He’s definitely a masculine presence, and what a great balance… because the love that comes through him is a very powerful, Universal one… he most perfect blend of masculine and feminine I’ve ever experienced.

Daniel is related to the Ascension energies for 3D Earth… and apparently, is the one “in charge” of the Gates of Ascension. So, I’m sure he will be popping up in texts and discussions more and more as we go on in the next few years!

I have asked Jeshua (see my comments on Ascended Master Jeshua) and Miriam (see my comments on Ascended Master Mary Magdalene) … and then I checked in with Creator. All have assented on Daniel’s role… but believe me, once in his presence, you can totally understand by the unique power he exudes… wonderful!!!

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  55 Responses to “Archangel Daniel”

  1. Does Archangel Daniel help with family matters like conflict with ones children?

  2. If that’s who you’re guided to enlist from, then do it! There are many different “faces of the Divine” that have multiple energies/functions… and typically if you feel it’s right, it is! 🙂

  3. I just had a dream, in short this baby turned into Archeangel Daniel. My mother who has past on was with me and told me to let him go. …. I have NEVER heard of Archeangel Daniel yet he comes to me in a dream. why? I have been talking to my spiritual guides for a sign. I can only guess this may be it, but I have no idea what it means. Any ideas?

  4. Can Daniel help me find my way out of the darkness and help me me live a peaceful loving happy life

  5. Hi Debra,

    Only you can do that… your journey companions – which many call guides – are there to support your process of doing so.

    I can help you with that; it’s what I focus on. This site was where I started years ago, yet there’s much more than what’s here as where I focus now. If you’d like assistance, contact me at; it takes baby steps, but it does take steps. Blessings! Angela

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