Ascended Master Mary Magdalene

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NOTE: This first part is excerpted from my June 19, 2010 post, Catching Up – a “Little” Reference Page! However, I’ve also added some of my additional “direct” conversations that have been autotyped, appended on to the bottom, as well as some historical information about Ascended Master Mary Magdalene, and how I think it applies in my personal circumstance…

One day, I was actually in on another of those world teleconference guided meditations. I was going one way with it, when *POP*! There stood a woman, stately, and in ancient garb. Though for awhile she said nothing, I could “feel” her right away – kind, but emanating power. She kept her distance, and just… observed me. It was a little distracting, but at the same time comforting.

I had no idea who she was, so I asked her. She moved forward a took over the meditation (but in a good way)!

I am Mary Magdalene. I am your Guide.

It is important to spread the word about the truth. Most people really need to learn what it is to live in a higher frequency and do not. They blindly shut it out. But this must be taught. You can teach; you are a good teacher. You must be patient, innovative. The world is going to crash; no one looks in the mirror and sees themselves anymore. No one – almost no one – takes care of themselves, their sacred vessel. How can you ascend if you don’t know how to care for yourself, your body, the vessel you’ve chosen to have in this plane? Many are going through life unaware of themselves. When you do that, you learn nothing. Learning is why we embody ourselves in this form experiencing.

I know you worry about the connection – about helping them make the connection – but little pieces will help with the big puzzle. You can help wake them up a little at a time; it’s much less of a fight than throwing water on them. You must also be true. There is much healing to go on. Much to learn about, to remember. Ascension is not a right; it’s a graduation. The time for this experience is over. Time for the next, but many have become lazy; bound themselves into a box, into a duty. Bathing in their pain and sorrows, how sad!

Bathe in the light; in love, and in our One. That is true existence. We can be One yet still be our one; that is the lesson here. It’s not either/or – not just collective or just me. It’s both. Ego has become too important. So much so that instead of being able to experience, many are without and cannot even get past their focus on basic physical survival. What a waste! There’s so much to do, yet little time. There’s been a lot of time on this wasted.

Humans must kill the ego and experience the One. It is so much more fulfilling, you’re just starting to understand that. You will understand a lot more in a short time. You’re learning, remembering  very quickly. The interdependence is being ignored around the planet, on this level. Such potential for extreme beauty, yet so much time spent on ego and greed without regards to the big picture. Misuse of natural laws. Think of what better things we could do; civilization has toppled more than once before because of this idiocy. There’s so much more potential because you lose so much time worrying about what is unimportant.

Create the world. Don’t let it dictate you or who you are and what you do. Create, I mean remember your abilities to better it, and you will better yourself and not have to worry about the things you think are so important right now but are not in the big picture. The earth provides you with what you need; yet the earth is being killed. People cannot wait until it’s too late, or it will happen yet again. Enough is enough; the ascended levels are much, much more  and better than the dimension n which you live. Focus. Ascend above limitations. They are not limitations, you will soon discover, they help you be creative, and they help you remember how to do the real things. Listen; we will help you. And then you must help others…Balance is something the humans have forgotten in this form. It must be reattained. So, think on that, we will show you much, so you must listen, and you must do. We are always here with you, you can always ask. We are all but one, and we are all love.

History of Ascended Master Mary Magdalene
You know, there is SO MUCH about Mary Magdalene out there… the good and the bad! Since I was originally brought up in a version of the Catholic Church, the only mention I remember about her was that she was a HARLOT “saw the error of her ways” by the following of Jesus.

You know, that was yet another one of those things that never seemed QUITE RIGHT to me… and didn’t really fit into the story. But I have to admit – I never looked any further into it, until my grandfather – a historian who LOVED to pick apart “what was written” vs. “what most likely happened” – just randomly struck up a conversation with me once when I was in my early/mid 20’s (which, by the way, was at least 10+ years before Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code was on the market…). He talked about how there was some evidence showing that Mary Magdalene was actually an equal to Jesus… and that they were actually married, and she had at least one child with him. However…. she was a woman, and the culture of the times made it extremely difficult for her. He went on about how she was apparently as enlightened as Jesus – shared with others, worked with others just as much as Jesus, as his “other half” – and at the time of his crucifixion, she was transported under the radar out of the country, because there was a possibility she was with child.

It was a fascinating conversation.

Anyway, today, there is much more out there about Mary Magdalene (to whom Jeshua refers as Miriam… which is the way I’ve grown to refer to her)… and a lot of it is in sync with what my grandfather uncovered 20+ years ago.

My experience with her, from the beginning, has been absolute strength, purity, grace, and love. I do often see both her and Jeshua at the same time in meditation… and she has been “over my left shoulder” off and on since Spring 2010.

More about her later… because there really is a lot more to tell!

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  11 Responses to “Ascended Master Mary Magdalene”

  1. Very interesting.

  2. hello, I know this post is from awhile back, but I was looking for information on Mary Magdelene as Muse. I am an intuitive artist, and thought I was painting The Blessed Virgin Mary, but when I was giving a painting to a client yesterday she said “Oh thats Mary Magdelene” So i’ve been really interested in finding out about her. I have a few paintings that I could send you pictures of just to get your opinion, does this feel or look like Mary Magdelene to you? Also smelled Lilys twice yesterday while looking her up on the computer and stepping into my art studio, Is she linked with Lily of the valley?

    Thank you for your time, and the love and light you are spreading,

  3. Hi Colleen,

    Mary Magdalene (commonly referred to as Miriam) has a VERY distinctive energy. As I’m familiar with both Mary and Mary Magdalene’s energies, I’d love to take a look at your images! Send me a pic of them at

    I’ve understood Lily of the Valley as associated with both Mary and Mary Magdalene… so I don’t think that helps you distinguish there…

  4. I think you are doing great work. However, I have to ask you about what you believe Miriam said to you. In the first paragraph the words are very negative. Do you think Miriam or you sometimes focus on the negative instead of the positive? In general, I prefer that anyone not think about people or the world as “The world is going to crash; no one looks in the mirror and sees themselves anymore. No one – almost no one – takes care of themselves, their sacred vessel.” I think it would be a stronger message to have her say, “your mission is to enlighten people that seek it”… and not have the negative. BTW, an excellent psychic and medium said that she is one of my spirit guides so I think Miriam would agree. This is just my opinion.

  5. Hi Chris,

    It is written as it came through to me from MM. This was presented almost 4 years ago… I went back and read through it again after reading your comment, and actually don’t perceive it as negative at all; just a strong statement (and actually, in looking over the past four years – particularly now – things ARE falling apart… in a huge, awesome productive way to release all that doesn’t serve us!). It actually feels very positive to me, and with quite the signature of MM’s energy as I’ve experienced it.

    Remember, the words are perceived through our individual filters of experience…as that’s how EVERYONE perceives the world, words, and others – through their individual filters. If you see change and things falling away as negative, I can see how the words would be perceived that way!

    This is why I teach others to simply get the understandings from Source and any individual personas themselves, vs. depending on channelings of any type; words are limiting and given meaning through the filters of individual perception and understanding, which are then filtered and perceived by others who are reading/listening to them. 20 different people “channeling” MM will tend to provide 20 different channelings… in very different words! AND… NONE of them are “wrong”… just filtered and understood differently.

  6. Hi. I was told that MM was my spirit guide. I have also been told told that I was true and I did not know what she ment until I was reading your sight. I was wondering if you had some advice for someone who is looking to unlock what I know is there. I can feel that someone is trying to tell me but I cannot hear. You said you are a teacher and I could use some advice. Please.

  7. Kim, do you meditate at all? That’s a start… and also, some energy work to clear out the blockages that prevent you from “consciously hearing”…

  8. Love xoxooxoox

  9. I have witness to channeling on many occasions . Been reading others messages all night and they havnt felt right. Yours reflects what I experienced. Straight forward. Curt. Impatient with us to remember our purpose and get to work. No beloved crap. Thank you for lack of ego and honest communication.

  10. I feel that I’m Mary Magdalene.

  11. Many of us incarnate today have remnants of the Mary Magdalene consciousness, as well as Mother Mary and many others… so, it’s actually somewhat common to even get memories as Mary Magdalene, and know you’re a part of that consciousness/avatar.

    What’s more important that “who” is “why” – ask WHY it’s important for you to remember that part of your consciousness that supports your journey, transcendant of ego, now!

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