(Arch)Angel Ezekiel

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Ezekiel was one of the first of my Guides to “show himself” to me; before I even thought to ask for identification (hee hee), I started seeing merkabahs EVERYWHERE… and I’d previously had absolutely no conscious knowledge of what they were and what they represent. I’d suddenly become purely entranced by sacred geometry; even more specifically, the star tetrahedron, or merkabah. In fact, before any of this, I started wearing a clear quartz crystal merkabah around my neck.

When I specifically asked for my guide to introduce themselves, *POP* – there he was. Let me explain that though I’m really good at recalling stories, I really stink at recalling names. SO, when he said his name, I knew the name, I vaguely had some recollection of it from the Bible, but not what he was attached to. So, before I even knew any relational history/mythology specific to him (meaning, connect his name with the stories I knew), our initial direct discussion went like this (via autotyping; see my post):

[I saw him sitting in a European courtyard, on a stone bench around a water fountain. Very laid back in attitude – kind, wise, happy to “see” me face-to-face – but yet a little sad. Longish black hair, VERY ANCIENT WORLD kind of clothing, and yes, wings.]

It’s Ezekiel; we have been friends for a long time. [Note: Though there was no “memory” of this, I knew it to be true when he said it… we have known each other]….

..There will be much unrest. The world has been through this before; everyone must know how to take care of themselves, because nothing bought [meaning food and medicine] will be trusted soon. There’s less than 100 years until this all goes to rubble again. Many earthquakes and floods, and much else. There is a good chance this time, part of the world will evolve; the others, well… yes, it is true…but not the same as literally depicted [meaning in the Bible]…I say 100 years, but for many, it’s less.

Some will deny until the very last moment; those Awakening will understand all the beings. Those who fight it won’t; they will be too scared, and will follow anyone who can help them believe it’s not real, or that of a “false devil.” HA! It [the “false devil”] is within themselves… Help them open up to what is really real; this is just the beginning. There is much yet to learn [meaning “remember”] in very little time.

[In the interim, while he was talking, this is where he showed me what I equate to snapshots in my head: towns in rubble, floods, cities in a mess.]. It will be very ugly in their eyes; they won’t see the real beauty of the Universe and all of us in all our forms. A great many, though, will be ready. If we could only get everyone there  and lock down this dimension, there will be only higher ones from there that are much, much better…

I am with you always. Go friend; we will talk again later. Much love and light.

In doing Google research afterwards, I had to chuckle to find that Ezekiel is the Archangel of Death and Transformation – how fitting, I thought, considering the conversation and the imagery! There are many, many stories about Ezekiel throughout many of the world’s major religions.

Something else that I found fascinating doing this research – and it gave me THE BUZZ when I found out – was the story of Ezekiel and the merkaba in the Bible. This was a story I actually hadn’t known (or had missed somewhere along the line)!

Also, what was really interesting: This introduction was on January 10th; the Haiti earthquake: January 13th. And how many have there been ever since? Food for thought…

In September 2010, I actually did a “Guide reorg” as a meditational activity/practice while finishing a 3-day intensive workshop in Shamballa healing… where we requested to take the time for God/Spirit/Creator to assess our individual point in our spiritual evolution, and have our Guide groups change out as needed. During this process, Ezekiel stood strong… and I was told that he would remain as one of my Guides, throughout this entire experience (which translates to lifetime). In November 2010, I had one of the most unique meditational experiences I’ve ever had, right after I had finished my third class on ThetaHealing (I was really, really clear!)… when I was actually “interrupted” during an intentional meditation by an angel who turned out to be Archangel Daniel (see Daniel’s page for more information). I was taken to some sort of  “Council meeting” – I’m pretty sure it was in Shamballa, in the glowing Light of magnificence it was – and I was asked a multitude of questions, and to take part in an activity with this Council. I guess I’ll have to write about that here one day, but what’s interesting to note is that during this conversation, Ezekiel stepped forward and handed me something I couldn’t see at the time… but was ELATED for him to give me, I remember – so much that I gave a huge hug and kiss. Later, when I asked Creator about what I had been given that had made me so happy (because the Light there had been SO bright, I couldn’t quite “see” it during the experience), I was told that Ezekiel gave me my wings back… because he had been their keeper (but really, that’s a story for another day… LOL!).

I have a GREAT affection and love for Ezekiel… he feels like a brother to me, and always has such a calming, supportive, and stabilizing effect when I see him in meditation (I know, contrary to how you would think he is, with his “job” in the scope of things, and all!). Plus, I always have to laugh when he “nudges me,” to make sure I’m aware of his presence in day-to-day life… because that merkabah pops in to places where I know I would otherwise never see it or pay attention to it!

The key to remember is that he’s not simply the “Archangel of Death…” a BIG part of his focus is Transformation. When I’m doing energy work with someone, and Ezekiel pops in while I’m working with them, I almost always know that person is at the onset of a huge transformation in their lives. It’s been happening more and more, as we progress down the road of spiritual evolution… and my understanding is that he actually helps “adjust” the energies of those going through an extensive Awakening. He’ll still show up and do the same for me! So, if Ezekiel appears to you, don’t be afraid… yes, he does work with those in transition, but most likely today he’s here to help you through a transformation in your life, as we all transform!

What stuns me is how many viewers get to this Website via a search for Ezekiel today… it’s amazing, yet it makes so much sense! 🙂

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  1. while i was in meditation the other night i asked the angels a question,next minute i saw a beautiful angelic light he had was dressed in gold and white robes and surroundes with bright light,he said to me,’your wish will be fulfilled’ he also said his name was ezekial, although i had heard this name before many times i didnt realise he was an angel so i was so happy to find your website,i was so excited to see ezekial the feeling stayed with me for days…..peace and love

  2. Thank you 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

  4. thanks for the story, i was doing my meditation right now when i try to ask my guardian angels name and this name came to my mind. this was the first time i heard this name for an angel. so i tried to look at it on the google to see if there is such name for an angel and i saw this site. i was shock when i learned that he was the angel of death and transformation. anyway, im still very happy to know him and to be my guardian angel, i wish i can talk to him same as you did one day.- lord

  5. I know you speak the truth brother. I see and hear him too. He is my guardian as well. He has shown me much and I will continue to listen. I hope that soon we can all meet and help the world right itself again. I don’t have my wings yet as my cycle isn’t done and I cheer for you from afar for receiving yours back. Glory and peace be with you my brother.

  6. This morning I asked his name. Suddenly one name came into my mind. Ezekiel. Just like the name of the hero of ancient Israel in the bible that I most admire. Standing on the side of the river of Kebar… God the almighty!

  7. I am in a process of transition, growing as a medium and counsellor and my children have now both left home. I am kind of stuck but I was meditating this afternoon and went to a walled garden with a two tier fountain. an angel was sitting there and he introduced himself as Ezekiel and said he had come to me to help me. That was it. It was as if I had to go and look him up. I found you. love and light.

  8. I wish to leave any identity of myself hidden but my name given at birth was Adam Ezekial. I recently went through a transformation that changed my entire view on life, always saying I thought I was being met by an angel only to somehow be led to his name. And to see that I’m not the only one and others experience this too is the most beautiful part of it all

  9. I have PTSD and went for a session with a Journey Practitioner a few weeks ago. When going into semi-hypnosis, the therapist asked me who my mentor/angel was which was going to be with me today. Suddenly the name Ezekiel appeared. I have just Googled it – only today – and found your site. What a beautiful one to find first. 🙂 <3. . Thank you so much.

  10. 4 days ago, following the suggetion of Teal Scott. I did a meditation asking for a name of an angel; I have always wanted to do contact with them and never had. The first name it came to my mind was Ezequiel, then.. Azael and also Azazel. Yesterday I called my best girlfriend to ask her about her spiritual studies. I had sent her in the past some information about PHI and sacred geometry and solfeggio harmonics. She told me I should look into finding the figure of Merkabah. Meanwhile in our conversation I asked her if she had been able to contact her angel or if she had been able to have connection with spiritual guides; I told her I was trying to do so and that 4 days ago Ezekiel’s name came to my mind. She ask me to go ahead and Google the 3 names, just to find out that the 3 names are related with death and transformation. At that exact moment i did the search, the conversation got cut off and I saw this site… just to be even more amazed to find out that the Merkabah is so directly linked to Ezekiel and to have been told by my girlfriend just minutes before that I should start studying the Merkabah… WOW, HOW AMAZING, I called back my girlfriend and we felt so blissed! I wish and desire that Ezequiel keeps on guiding me! Love to all!

  11. Awesome story!!!! I need to get back to filling in these pages… there’s so much more to write about Ezekiel (and the others). SO glad this page seems to serve as a beacon for those “meeting up” with Ezekiel right now, too! 🙂

  12. Thank you Angela so much! Please! yes! keep on your writting!

  13. I’m very new to all this. I did a quick meditation last night before going to sleep, calling on my angels for the first time. I won’t go into how that felt, but when I opened my eyes, I swear I saw something like shadows floating around the room– and it was dark except for my alarm clock. Eyes playing tricks on me?

    Gabriel was the first name that came to me, followed by what I thought was Alzeika or something like that. An online search led me all over until I found this site. Do you think I was hearing Ezekiel? I’m confused and trying to make sense of all this. I’m definitely coming up on some major transition- I can feel it. Would he come to someone to help them through something like that?

    When I read what Gabriel shows up to help with, I teared up. That hit home tremendously. Thanks for the input all! Much love all around. M

  14. As I read your comment, Ezekiel was there affirming that it had been him. And YES… since he’s all about Transformation/Death (which is simply transformation in itself)… he tends to show up to those on the verge of a big transformation in their lives, to help support that part of the journey.

    So, press on… and know how much you are loved and supported! 🙂

  15. Beautiful text, thank you.

    I’m all new to Angels, only started “communicating’ with them 3 days ago (see, still finding it hard to believe all that is real 😉 …).
    Gabriel was the first one to appear to me (actually – Gabrielle, gorgeous blond lady!) when I asked for someone to help me with Ego.
    Ezekiel – a lovely being with long, dark hair came, when I decided to address the most painful problem of mine – difficult and challenging relationship with my daughter, lack of bond that came all naturally with my second child. In my mind’s eye I saw him trying to tie both of us together in some sort of a golden thread cocoon, but then my daughter, who was just drifting off to sleep, turned back and snapped at me – “stop mummy”! I realized, that I forgot to ask her (or her higher self) permission to work on this, so we stopped. Yet, I feel very different today, she miraculously recovered over night (was very poorly the day and night before) and it all goes very smoothly between us today. Why would Ezekiel be the one who responded to my call? should I try to finish this cocoon thing with Him (with my girl’s permission of course)? Thank you
    Love and Light

  16. As I was praying, I asked the Lord to reveal y guardian angels… I heard, Ezekiel and Judah… I thought it was a joke… I thought there were no angels by this name and so I d
    ecided to check more on ezekiel. thanks alot

  17. You’re right. I did a search for Ezekiel and found your page. (Don’t know anything about him) Just a little while ago I did a meditation to meet my spirit guides. I first felt a male presence and then when I thought, “Who is this?” the name Ezekiel flashed in my mind. He was really tall, had a very calm demeanor about him. We didn’t exchange any words, but still felt a conversation was taking place. (I just don’t know what it was about haha if that makes sense). And during this meditation, and what I was seeing, he was guiding me along and holding my hand. And it makes so much sense about transformation. Going through alot of transformation right now.

    It’s left me so excited to see him again. I guess this will get me to meditate more, since I don’t often do so.

  18. I just met Ezekiel. He said we have met before., and will again.
    I was in pure white light. I couldn’t make out to much because everything was light. He took my hand and guided me along a path to a bench. He told me to wait there. Then Jesus came and spoke to me. Personal. He said it was time for me to return. Ezekiel came for me and took me back to where I had met him. I disappeared in light ,and became aware of my body again. It is time for us to awaken to help others to do the same.
    We are needed.

  19. Last night i literally for the first time asked for angels guide , i was feeling so overwhelmed by the events in the school in Connecticut, today the name Gabriel was given to me literally handed to me buy a work colleague, that freaked me out .Tonight i tried again through a very quick meditation i finished the meditation, the name came to me Ezekiel that i thought i was making up ( never saw or heard that name before i am not at all religious ) , so i typed it into Google and got this … i am so stunned.

  20. Well I am never surprised however always in AWE of the interventions in our Great Spirt and Angelsic teams connectedness in our oneness 🙂 As Ezekiel has shown up in my awake/dream state and has taken to joinijng ne in the shower..lol..when I am doing my cleansing ceremonie(which I do daily:) Ezekiel question to me was..Are you ready? I aswered(also like you without even asking whim was there ,,it was a knowing:) I answered after the 2nd day..YES! well last night I was awoken and asked to tourn aroing(on my back) anmd open your hands (palms up:) this event happens alot for me and for many years and usually come with attunments or info to write to teach..So I of did what was asked and stated that I would simply allow as I was going to sleep(as like |I was tired hahaha,,I looked at the clock and it was 3 somethin am lol:) however when Ezekiel started to accend his wings so magnificently bright & huge and even woke our ppy Feather Sage..(he also was aware and recieved what was coming next..I thought at first the initals CGL were accending into my heart Chakra..then I was aware they began to mirror and that this was attunment as I allowed whatever to happen a huge cross that was actually pulsating in a vibrant whitish yellow energy,accended came throught the centre and entred my heart and entire being and well it was quite a moment.(as always still kinda high..lol:),.as morning came our little puppy Feather sage had a total look of Did you see THAT!! hahaha…way to cute,.,thank you for sharing as it is so wondefully magikal to share these wonderful interactions with other that to have these connections..Bless 🙂
    In Light & Love

  21. Ezekiel is my main angel as well. He appeared to me when I simply closed my eyes and asked, who is my angel? He is so amazing and speaks to me through numbers a lot. I want to connect more to him though. When I saw him he appeared to me as an arab merchant with dark hair and blue eyes.

  22. Wow thank you, even though technology could destroy us, your post proves it can unify us.

    Thank you

  23. Just did a Guardian Angel Meditation with Doreen Virtue and Ezekiel was known. I didn’t even know of him being an Archangel. I do now. So, so fitting for what has been happening or for what hasn’t been happening. Let me explain that last statement; I normally will do certain things and accomplish many things, however I have not really cared to at all of late. As if it really didn’t matter whether I did this or did that. I have come to a better and more peaceful place within myself lately. I’m getting it. ?

    Thank you for posting this and sharing.

  24. When I did my first meditation class I experienced alot of purple colouring and the flapping motion like I was flying on a bird. I also felt the experience of seeing the tall angelic profile of my angel guide. He was magnificent and had a calming nature, we did not commuicate much but there was a feeling of “at long last”. There was also a butterfly in my meditation. When I told my circle leader she asked me what was his name, without thinking I said Ezekiel (I was even unsure if it was a name that existed). I have never heard his name before and only the well-known angels were mentioned in my meditation circle. My circle leader mentioned that it was not surprising that there was a butterfly in my meditation as this is a sign of transformation, also the flapping wings was the presence of Ezekiel standing close to me (maybe I was flying too 🙂 ). So Ezekiel is definitely my angel. Since that first class alot of changes has happened, I have moved countries and am much closer to nature (especially birds) and I am finding my universal self. It has been a great feeling knowing he is close when I need him and I sense him more often than before. Afer many meditation sessions I have met my spirit animal and guide whom I feel I knew from before, though still haven’t found out his name. It’s been an incredible spiritual journey so far.

    Thank you for having such an enlightning write-up about Ezekiel.

    Love & Light

  25. Hey
    Here is my story.
    My wife is training to become an IET Healer and here the other day she was practicing on me. I was seeing a lot of beautiful blue light and a specific triangle made of 3 bats. (Like the batman logo) yes weird. All of the sudden I saw a Beautiful face with a hood I saw the lover half of the face and at first I thought it was a woman, It was so pure and beautiful but as the face turned I realized it was a man the chin was weary masculine. I asked in my mind “who is that?” and I heard weary clear in my head the name Ezekiel 3 times. I had NO IDEAR who that was first with help by goggle. I came across this blog. I don’t know how to interoperate that, if needed. I’m not religious.
    Best regards

  26. I thought I had better make a comment because we ALL seem to have the exact same thread of experience. I had felt somehow for a few weeks earlier that a new and extra angel had entered my life apart from Michael. it was just a wdied sort of knowing. Anyway I was walking along the beach the other day and felt that new presence again so I said what is your name and the name Ezekiel came to my head. Just like all of you I wasn’t sure if there was even an angel called Ezekiel so I googled it and to my surprise found out that indeed there is. Then when I read all the comments I realised we have all had the same experience. Not knowing if that name was an angel and being led to here Creepy My life has been a real struggle and painful. For the first time in ages over the past few weeks I have felt light there is somehow light at the end of the tunnel. I do hope that this is a positive transformation happening and Ezekiel is assisting this

  27. Yes, Bev… it’s been quite an intense period for many; but very productive in releasing that which doesn’t serve us! I’m so glad Ezekiel is helping to bring us together, and also by our side while we go through this transformation! 🙂 Namaste!

  28. I learned today that Ezekiel is my new guardian angel. I have a new sports car. He wants me to bring him along for some fast times. You gotta love him.
    My sister channelled this message today:
    You have a guardian angel named Ezekiel who has come aboard with you in the last 6 weeks.Ezekiel wants you to call out his name now and then. He also wants to be invited to ride in your chariot where he wants to feel your wind machine and your sun machine. He says you can drive as fast as you want. Be happy. Be happy. I am Metatron.

  29. Wonderful blog you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics talked about in this article? I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get comments from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

  30. Hi Selene!

    If you’re on Facebook, I have a private group for open discussion on all things spiritual (it’s a private group, so only members can read the conversations, etc.). Come and join the conversation with us! 🙂


  31. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened. Ezekial and 6 other guides have come forward using words like Awakening and telling me of a great community gathering down south. They shared with me words lije Unity, we are all ONE connected and that I too am part of the plan to one day gather with people that feel and think the same way. Ezekial led me to this site and since finding the site I feel that I am finally on my destined path. 41 years of asking myself “What is my destiny?” I am now reaty to explore. Thank you guardians for this site and the many blessings.

  32. I have been told my a medium that Ezekiel is my guardian angel and has been trying to communicate with me. All though i have felt a presense around me i have not seen him. Also i to wear a clear quarts crystal necklace.

  33. Hi, I have been having a really tough time recently and lots of change is happening in my life. After a good cry today i reached out and asked for my guardian angel to help me and look over me, and Ezekiel was the word that jumped into my head. I then googled this word, and it brought me here. Still questioning this I was reading these comments, scrolling down and stopped randomly at a post sent by another ‘Rachel’……I am no longer questioning.

  34. Hey. I am so thrilled to find you. As with many others Ezekiel arrived in my conciousness just a few days ago. ago. I googled him and am so excited to meet you all. I am in the UK and have asked to join your closed Facebook group. I am very excited to have met Ezekiel and feel him alongside. What a strong manly presence I feel from him. Thank you for posting on here and bliss you.xxxx

  35. Thank you for this. I, too had Ezekiel’s name come to me seconds before I was to ask the name during a guided meditation. I have had Michael and several other angels but never Ezekiel. I had to google him because I was not sure if he was an angel. Now I know and now I know why he is with me. I have put in a request to be in your group on facebook. I am very excited to keep reading and be connected with others.

  36. I had Ezekiel introduce himself to me as ‘Archangel Ezekiel’. I have now met Archangel Michael, recognized Archangel Gabriel in my presence and spoken, albeit non-verbally to Ezekiel.

  37. I am especially interested in your discussion about your wings. I believe I have been through a similar experience, but want to compare stories. I have always channeled the energy of something and today I figured out Ezekiel is also my guardian. His guidance has helped so many through me I have lost count, or rather I was never keeping count. Please respond back to me. I am looking forward to an intellectual conversation with you.


    Daniel J Toth

  38. I met Ezekiel today, and was supriced that there is so little information about him. but luckily someone else have had blessing to meet him too. he was helping me to purificate/heal my body,and emotions with light balls. blessing for you all!

  39. hi. Last week i asked for the name of my guardian angels and the name ‘Ezecchiel’ stood out clear n concise… now discovering this blog send shivers down my spine… thanx a lot for all the info… i ll try to get closer to him… 🙂

  40. A couple of days ago I found a steel heart on the ground, and on it there was written: Keep an angel always with you. So I did a short meditation, just for fun, to know my guardian angel’s name and Ezekiel was what I heard. Now, I knew only of a football player with that name and I always thought that it was a strange name.. So I googled it and was happily surprised to see that He is the angel of transformation. I thank you so much for this information and for all you are doing for our awakening!

  41. Ezekiel came to me in my group meditation last night. He felt ensuring and calm. I did not get afraid. He told me I would travel a lot of astral traveling.
    I´m in the middle of a great transformation from acting out of fear to acting out of love so I understand why he showed himself. /Marie

  42. I’ve recently been hearing a lot of ringing..I noticed the lights ringing, and as “ringing” was in my mind, a telephone rang.The television made ringing sounds while I was making food. And as I was writing this (on a forum), a phone rang. The same person pocket-called me shortly after.

    Last night as I was going to bed, I asked the angels/spirit guides to answer me in my dreams, and although I don’t remember any dreams, I just randomly thought “Ezekiel” without even knowing he was an angel. Amazing

  43. Awesome! Well… your messages “to note” are obviously “ringing through” loud and clear! LOL LOVE it! Take note of what you’re thinking/doing when the ringing happens; I’m getting it’s a form of “ding, ding, ding! pay attention!” 🙂

  44. Thanks for this info. I just found out the name of one of my Guardian angels this morning so immediately searched on him, Archangel Ezekiel of course, which brought me to your site. I asked my angels their names and boom, within 2 seconds I had the answers. And I’d never heard of Ezekiel as an angel before. So yeah, psychic senses are the bomb! Thanks again for putting this up 🙂

  45. I woke up around 3am with the name Ezekiel in my mind. It seemed to me I was talking to him, but I can’t remember anything. I never heard the name before, so I was surprised to find out about him on google. And best of all: I’m so glad I found your page! Thank you so much for creating this post!

  46. Last night i put a guardian angel coin under my bed and hoped when i woke up i’d have my guardian angel’s name in my head. I woke up with a blurry dream but a clear name in my head when i tried to recall what it was i was dreaming about. I thought ‘ezequiel.’ Yes spelled with a q. Is there a difference in between ezekiel and ezequiel?

  47. Hi Ana!

    Yes, it feels like one and the same. Spelling is very 3D… and we spell based on our personal phonetics. 🙂

  48. In guided meditation, He came to me with the spelling Azechiel and, could it be a crystal ball he handed me? A glass orb…? Same as others, I used the Internet as the name was unknown to me… Thank you. -Gresham, Oregon

  49. I wanted to say thank you for your website and sharing your stories. I am going through my own awakening and have been visited by Archangel Michael twice now. I have been seeing what I now know is a merkaba. Until reading your page I didn’t know what these shapes were I was seeing. I was also visited in a dream by Ezekiel last night. I literally felt a shift in my energy as he helped me shed a layer of energy to make me lighter. In my dream he also had black hair and was ancient, presented a flood, and assigned me a number. He was also weighing the souls of others, and the ones that didn’t weigh appropriately were sent with a man with black eyes. There was a mention of 4 days, a flood, an island for safety, and at the end I was given a sparkling blue sash or scarf to wear around my neck and my entire body was shining.
    I am so happy that I found your page, and read that he also helps those in spiritual transition. Thank you for all that you share.

  50. Wow, thanks so much for this page. Until now I had no conscious contact with an angel or spirit guide though I talk to my angels and pray for guidance. I did a golden energy course some time ago and things have changed for me since then though I’m really new to the whole “Angel talk with me” thingie. But yesterday after a week of much energy work I felt restless and exhausted and drew again cards and received messages which were all about “A new beginning, let everything go, be brave” I did not feel brave nor did I feel like letting go. I asked for help and guidance and then the name Ezekiel popped into my mind. It was a clear, loud voice in my head and I felt frightened because I didn’t know if he meant well with me. I’m onto new territory completely. I felt your message as very helpful, thank you so much.

    I asked the archangels for help like the known ones, Michael and so on but Ezekiel is like the first step on the moon for me so I’m glad for every morsel of information.

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