Ascended Master Jeshua

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I’ve had the most experience – and the most acrimony, over the years – with the Christian Church. This was partially because of the hypocrisy I witnessed in the Church.

At a very early age, I remember thinking that the Church had it wrong; I remember thinking that the message that Jesus had was more than what the Church said… and that I felt like he was trying to show us that we could do everything he could.

I felt like there was a whole facade around the Jesus Christ thing; I never had any connection to the cross and the crucifixion, because for some reason, that felt wrong, too. Not Jesus himself; I always felt like he was who we should all aspire and work to be… as any of the others of Christ Consciousness, like the Buddha, Krishna, and others. What turned my stomach was that it almost seemed dirty, that his name was taken and used for a vast movement of political control by a religion.

With that in mind, I grew further and further from identification with the Jesus of the Church.

As I have another story that will be told in regards to Jeshua, I will keep my explanation to him simple on this page.

When I was at the tail end of a long, intensive 4-day master healer class in Shamballa Healing (see my Training page), we did a meditative journey/exercise in “updating” our Guide families. The idea is that once you reach a certain level in your spiritual development, you can ask Creator, the Council in Shamballa (where all the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Elohim, etc. “live”), or whatever similar power you’d like to call on to assess your Guide family and ensure that all in the group are the ones needed for this level of further development.

Sort of like a reorg of the Guide family!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

That makes a lot of sense; I just hadn’t thought of it before.

I’d already had Mary Magdalene as one of my Guides, at my side (coming in over my left shoulder) for months; though I hadn’t originally known much about her when she first *popped in* to me, I really identified with her, and came to depend on some very fruitful insights and “conversations.” That was great for me; I love the Divine Feminine and appreciate the balance with which the Guide world seems to have in that respect…. and I really had grown to identify closely with Miriam (as she was typically called in the familiar).

So, sitting there during this meditative journey, I waited. My Elohim told me it was time to step down as one of my Guides; however, if I ever needed to call, just go ahead, and he/she would be there.

Maia said she’d be available, but would have much more of a minor role moving forward.

Miriam stood strong and told me she would remain, as did Ezekiel. I had another one join in – an Arcturian named Dioris – and I waited, because I felt like there would be one more.

I waited.

Suddenly, in my head, I saw the strangest thing… a bunch of little stick figure crosses – rather comical, like a cartoon – march across my mind, bump over each other, run up a hill, and tumble down… and disappear. I was like, “What the heck…?????” And I waited.

Then I heard, “It’s Jeshua.”

I was quiet at first, and thought I had misheard. “Excuse me… who?”


I let that sink in for a moment. It didn’t make sense… not me…. without a personal identification with this “character” in history… at least in the Church history…

So I thought “out loud”: “You mean, JESHUA, Jeshua?”

“Yes.” The voice was loving, calm, and… familiar, even though this was definitely a first for me…. and came in over my right shoulder. I noticed a new tingly feeling I’d get right by my right shoulder blade right before he’d speak.

“Oh.” I just sat there, in the quiet, in the void, for a moment, letting that sink in, wondering if it was a mistake…

Then I heard this: “You have become familiar with Miriam, and the Divine Feminine. I am here now, with her, in representative of the Divine Masculine… because you are ready for the Divine Whole.”

I thought, “OK.”

I was still a little in shock.

I never told anyone in class about this; I didn’t tell the instructor. In fact, the only person I told at first was my husband… because I didn’t get it. I was uncomfortable with it.

A few days after this class was over, I was in meditation, and there he was. Very close to the picture I’ve inserted onto this page (with different clothes LOL)… vibrant, a picture of health, handsome… and jubilant. Friendly, with a light manner that was calm, peaceful, and truly loving.

In meditation, I must’ve come across as uncomfortable with this introduction. I hadn’t called for him; he just showed up, in fact, together with Miriam.

He was smirky and good-natured… like a good friend I knew and hadn’t seen for a long time, but someone with whom I might’ve had more than a few laughs at some point. I just looked at him, not knowing what to say. And then I heard this: “You are wondering why I am one of your Guides… why I have become part of your Guide family, when you have never been ‘all holy’ about my idealized persona.

It is exactly because of this; you will listen to me as your Guide… but also as your friend, and your equal… without putting me up on a pedestal.”

I nodded; that made sense. And it was genuine, coming from him. No angst, no strain… just like a good-natured friend.

For awhile, Jeshua and Miriam would just come to me together in meditations. Then, one day, I noticed that Jeshua was just typically around… a LOT. I would feel that pull next to my shoulder blade, to let me know he was there. Then I would hear that voice – the soft, loving, velvety voice – over my right shoulder. Counseling, giving me insight on things in passing… in a very accurate manner.

Our interchange is often very witty… and there is almost nothing as awesome as his laughter, when I hear it. Liquid love. I tend to be sarcastic sometimes, and I have made fun and joked with him on a regular basis… and I get the feeling that he truly loves it. Yes; this is a very different Jeshua than the one you see depicted with the Church; and we have had many, in-depth conversations about related topics. But he’s never preachy… very factual, very humorous, and very inspired. And what he tells me always, always rings true in my heart… and typically proves to be so. I love him, like he’s my brother… and my confidante. I think at him all the time over my shoulder today; many times, I know he’s waiting for a thought on something or waiting to interject something, because of that now-familiar pull to my right, at my shoulder blade… and am never disappointed in our “discussions.” I always, always get a response when I ask him a question… and I completely trust that he is always there.

Out of EVERYTHING that I’ve experienced through this, I would have never in a million years thought I’d ever see myself type or say what is in the paragraph above. Yet, there have been some times when I am down… there have been some moments of stark realizations during this Awakening process when I just shut down completely… tears streaming down my face, and sadness or anger permeating my soul. I remember one time, I was overwhelmed by some information that had “come in,” and I heard from him, “Go and take a nap.” So I lay down, tears streaming down my face in frustration and in anger. As I lay there, I remember hearing some kind of interjection from him; my initial response? “Shut up!” LOL But, that was the day of my first experience of this: It was like Jeshua wrapped his Love around me, encompassing me completely. I came to start calling it “The Cloak of Unconditional Love”… because I have no better description for it. It feels like the mother’s kiss on a boo-boo as a child.

There’s just nothing so wonderful as that “Cloak”… and I’ve consciously sent it to friends, family, and others who I know need it, when they need it. And sometimes I just send him, if they don’t feel comfortable just calling on him. Because – I explain to anyone who wants to know – as with any and all of the Ascended Masters, Elohim, Angels, Archangels, and yes… even Spirit, Creator, God – or whatever other terms you’d like to use –ย  all you have to do is call for any of them, and they’re there… for all of us, all the time. Because we’re all One big family. In the end, we’re all One.

He’s just wonderful, and though I’m still a bit reserved about divulging my day-to-day “connection” with him, I will just say that I’m honored to have him as one of my Guides, one of my family… and as a companion through this incredible experience.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7 Responses to “Ascended Master Jeshua”

  1. Jeshua has always been my role model since childhood. Now he is also my friend and brother. I have actually FELT his hand in mine. Thank you for being so open and trusting.

  2. Angela, thank you so much for having the courage to share this. I love it. I, too, am experiencing Jeshua, and like you, did not grow up with a “religious” background.

    So far he is approaching me cautiously, in the periphery, almost as though he understands I might be overwhelmed by his full person. But last night as I was laying my hands on someone needing healing, I noticed that he was beside me. I noticed him and smiled, and he moved ever so gently over and through and into me as he laid his hands on top of mine. I could feel the patients muscles jump slightly as this happened and the area I was focusing on got really hot as I saw the energy pattern turn from white to gold. I just said, “thank you” quietly as I continued to open my full chakra channel from Earth to Heaven.

    Later the patient was ecstatic that his pain was gone. I thought, “well, no wonder!”

    I am grateful to have you as my friend and appreciate the information, insights, wisdom and love that you share.

    Love to you my sister,

    Angel Anviur

  3. Awesome! Yes, many times I’ve had him standing next to me while I was facilitating the healing for someone, via Reiki or other modalities… and also times when he’s done the “overlay” thing at you describe… and it’s like LIQUID LOVE coming through, for lack of any better explanation! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, he’ll wait for you to get the ego out of the way, and realize we’re all in this together – and that there’s really no hierarchy, just what we imagine there to be! He’s so loving, so gentle, so peaceful, so AWESOME… the epitome of what we’re all remembering to get back to BEing!

    Love and hugs back to you, sista! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I Loved and Enjoyed reading about the inspiring bond you have with Jeshua. And Miriam. Bless you for sharing this..

  5. You describe Jesus just as I experience him also! Thanks you for such a vivid and accurate description! Many more blessings!

  6. Gentle Jesus meek an mild. He was there before the world began. He is the epitome of good deeds. Thanks be to God for you sharing this

  7. Angela:

    I want that too. I would welcome his presence anytime.


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