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Krishna was introduced to me in 2010, via one of the loosely guided meditative exercises I did during a 4-day Shamballa Master Healer class. Our instructor told us nothing about what to expect; just that we would be “skipping dimensions” over to the Krishna universe.

At the time, I really knew almost nothing about Krishna. But what I “saw” during this exercise was one of most amazing places I’ve experienced! During the class, we’d touched base with ascended masters and other Beings in other various parts of the Universe; every one was completely unique and had their own feel. So, going into this exercise, I had a completely open mind and no expectation on what the experience would be whatsoever.

What I saw when I “got there”  – one of the most brilliantly colored, cheerful, loving (and so very populated) places I’ve ever seen! I’ve likened it many times to “going through the looking glass” with Alice… creatures of all imaginable kinds, Beings with all different, brightly-colored skin, with a different sense of “rules of physicality” than those on 3D-4D Earth.

The feeling of the entire place – pure joy.

It was after I was able to look around a bit that I “met” Krishna – and I’d never had any idea about the blue skin. How lovely! How peaceful, yet so vibrant!

I think afterward, I described it as something that could easily be described via an acid trip, since it’s so foreign to our existence here.

Beyond that, I never thought much about Krishna… I honestly didn’t know much about him, except the basics. It was fully 7 months before I saw Krishna again, when I was in my “floaty” state on the acupuncture table – a great time for much astral traveling – with some much-needed clarity I had been been seeking. He showed up yet again several days later, apparently making sure the point was driven home.

My experience has been that Krishna is very peaceful, joyous, and yet pensive… my communication from him has been via thought-provoking riddle-type of terminology that actually make a lot of sense!

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