Mar 152013
On Rebuilding the Earth (and Rebuilding Ourselves)

A partial account of my amazing spiritual retreat to the Lemurian land of Kauai, Hawaii, in February 2013… and the most important gift I’ve brought back to share with all, to help rebuild ourselves as Gaia rebuilds into the “New Earth.”

Jan 062013
Stuck? Sick? Hurt? Can't Figure it Out? A Perspective to Consider to Move Forward

It’s a new age… a new year… so exciting to know of such change and magnificence that lies ahead of us! However, first things first: SO MUCH is coming up to release, many – even for those who have already done a LOT of resolving, healing, and releasing – are having unexplained injury, illness, and disorder resistant to healing take them completely by surprise. Where to start looking in the non-physical to be able to move forward…

Jan 022013
Leaping Forward...and (FINALLY) Being Ready to LIVE it ALL...

Coming out of a self-imposed detachment during December 2012, things have become far, far clearer to me than ever before. So many believe the “shift” is done with… but we’re actually at the beginning of a new, exciting, daring and adventurous road. My commitment… and question to YOU, for consideration: Are YOU ready?

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Dec 212012
Happy New Age and Rebirthing to Our World!

This morning, 12/21/12 at 6:15am ET, I joined with many, many others out in the ethers with the intention of melding with the “new world” while helping to bring in and anchor it into this one. What an extraordinary experience; we are all so AMAZING to be here at the rebirthing of our existence!

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Nov 022012
The "Storm's" Just Beginning... How to Smooth Out the Edges As We Go...

This week has been a HEAVY week energetically in all ways, shapes, and forms…what’s happened physically has brought up MUCH to heal for us, collectively and individually, about what happens when the “old” falls away to make way for the new… and along with that, much resistance, fear, and even anger about change, and what that means for each of us.

Oct 252012
Looking at What Weighs Us Down... So We Can Continue On WITHOUT the Weight!

After taking the road of active spiritual development for awhile, there’s always a point when we THINK (key word, vs. FEEL) we’ve tackled the most important stuff… however, the more adept we get at clearing and healing ourselves, the more we can mask that which we’re uncomfortable looking at… from the core. I’m just breaking free of some chains I didn’t even want to acknowledge still bound me… my experience with that…

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Oct 212012
We've Got the Beat... So Time to Use It!

Do you realize how core music is to us and our Universe? I’ve always known that at some level, but what a profound experience in learning how to let the “Divine dance me”…

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Sep 152012
"Ascension"? Really? With All of This Mess Around Us (and Within)? Some Thoughts to Consider...

Have you looked around lately – within your own life and/or in those around you and the world in general and asked, “What IS this mess, anyway? How is THIS evolution and progression?!” Have you had hours, days, and/or weeks where you’ve started feeling extremely angry, fearful, listless, like you want to crawl out of your skin… and yet have no specific cause for it? And what about being weighted down… have you had moments when you’ve felt as if you’re completely filled with lead, like you’re wearing a suit that makes you feel like you’re carrying an extra hundred pounds or so?

Yep… I gotcha. Been there, done that.. some considerations on what’s going on…