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Here are some great resources I’ve used (and am using) for various reasons through my journey. Check back often, and submit suggestions that have helped you through yours!

  • Resources I’ve Used in Exploration & Discovery
    This includes books, books, and more books – both in print and electronic, as well as great online and print resources
  • Spiritual Consultants
    Practitioners, teachers, and/or visionaries who I either know, know of, or who have been recommended by friends, family, or trusted colleagues (and some of them are also trusted colleagues!)
  • Related Groups & Discussion Boards
    There are more and more online communities gathering together today; here are some I’ve connected into with interesting topics and discussions.
  • Metaphysical & Spiritual News & Products
    An extension to Resources – more of news publications and/or Websites, as well as products I use/purchase in my spiritual development.
  • Environment, Organic, & Health Links
    Another of my passions – because a healthy body and healthy mind allows more of the healthy spirit to come through!
  • Other Links of Interest
    Good friends, family, and trusted colleagues who are all “on the same page,” but not necessarily working within the realm of spirituality/metaphysics.
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