One-on-One Spiritual/Intuitive Guidance

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I know that as more and more people are coming to this tipping point in their consciousness – whether they aspire to or not (as it was never even a consideration of mine prior to when it happened) – many who have been brought up “a certain way” may be quite nervous, scared, or apprehensive of their “inner psychic.”

It’s time to take the drama and spookiness out of what is completely natural, empowering… and fun!

What I’ve found is crucial to the forward movement and opening up process is having the right people to talk to, at the right time. So, after submerging myself in this world since 2009, I’m ready to share what I’ve discovered with others – and my goal is to help others understand that it’s all different flavors of ice cream! As one of my favorite quotes states (from Ikkyu), “Many paths lead up the mountain, but at the top we all look at the same, bright moon.”

I will work with you to discover your inner self, your inner power, your interrelation with the Universe, and how to become comfortable – and empowered – in your own skin.

If you simply have spiritual/intuition questions related to things you’ve “seen,” how to tune in better, how to develop your intuitive abilities, or even just the possible meaning of a recurring dream, I can work with you!

  • One session (typically 1-2 hours): $105
  • Three sessions: $285 (10% savings)
  • Six sessions: $505 (20% savings)

One-on-one discussions can be in person or via Skype. E-mail me to set up an initial consult, and with any questions you may have.

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