Essential Oil/Intention Candles

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These are long-burning, non-GMO soy candles. We use only pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, along with crystals, color, herbs, and other specific elements while also energetically charging them (with Reiki, Arcing Radial Light, or Trinity energy, depending on the purpose) to aid in whatever intention you choose.

Why non-GMO soy?
We believe in contributing to safe, healthy, and sustainable growing practices; there is too little information made public about the ill effects of GMO-produced products, so we use non-GMO product for the highest quality, healthiest product available! Soy is also clean-burning, meaning there is no soot or contribution to atmospheric pollution like petroleum-based was candle products… and it’s LONG-burning, too!

What’s so important about “pure essential oils”? 
There are researched and proven therapeutic and positive energetic effects of pure essential oils – meaning the active oils extracted from different parts of plants. A majority of candles on the market are scented using a “candle scent,” which is made in the lab, completely without essential oils… so, though they may smell very similar – and very nice – there is no actual physical or energetic benefit derived from candles when there are no essential oils included in the scenting process.

Part of the reason that candles made with pure essential oils cost a bit more than those made with candle scent is that pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are quite a bit more expensive… and the quality is far superior.

Important note: In caring for your essential oil candles, make sure to put the lid on tightly when the candle is not in use, so the essential oils don’t evaporate from the surface! For votives, simply keep them in their box when not in use… and use within 6 months.

Crystals included in the medium and large candles differ by batch and intention.

Order any of the different sizes by going to the appropriate page listed:


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