Air Service For Business And Private Jets

There are several locations in Hawaii that provide air service for business and private jets. Air Service Hawaii FBO and business jet hangar are located at Kona International Airport, where large cabin aircraft are welcome. The airport’s concierge services are also available for travelers and business travelers. Here are some of the other services offered by Air Service Hawaii. These include charter flights, aircraft maintenance, flight planning, and more. Whether you need to charter an aircraft or simply want to fly in style, Air Service Hawaii has you covered.


Murrayair’s history dates back to the 1950s when the first three Stearmans were flown by pilot Joseph E. Bell Jr. from Oak Park, Illinois. After the war, Bell served as a crop duster in Arizona and accumulated seven years of experience before joining Murrayair Ltd. on the Big Island. Today, Murrayair continues to fly as many as 40 aircraft a day, with over 2,500 passengers a day.

The original aircraft was the Boeing Stearman Model 75 Kaydet biplane trainer. This aircraft was originally built for military purposes but was sold to Murrayair as a commercial transport. After the war, many Stearman aircraft were converted for agricultural duties. A modified version of this aircraft became the Murrayair MA-1 in 1956. It was also the first commercial aircraft to use a Wright R-1820 radial engine. The aircraft also had redesigned wings and a larger vertical tail. The aircraft had a capacity of 95 liters.


The first aircraft used by Aloha Island Air were Cessna 402s. The planes flew low, allowing passengers to view the island scenery, and took off and land in less trafficked airports. Aloha Island Air was in business from 1946 to 2008. At that time, it operated routes from the Hawaiian Islands to the Big Island and other parts of the world. The Cessna 402 had an impressive record of flight safety, and the airline’s first two aircraft were all built in Hawaii.

Since 1948, Air Service Hawaii has been providing service to travelers in Hawaii. The company has four locations, including its first FBO terminal at Kona International Airport. The FBO will feature concierge services, as well as large cabin aircraft. The airline also has scheduled flights to 16 US gateway cities. In addition, it also offers nonstop flights to Japan and South Korea. Hawaiian has ceased service to American Samoa, New Zealand, and Australia.

Douglas Aircraft

If you’re looking to fly over Hawaii, you can’t go wrong with a Douglas Aircraft. This company’s fleet of planes is among the most modern and efficient on the planet. You can fly in a Douglas DC-4, or the famous DC-3, to get where you need to go. And if you need to get somewhere fast, a Douglas DC-3 can do it. Regardless of whether you’re flying on business or for pleasure, you’ll find that they can get you there fast and reliably.

Luckily, Wally Waterhouse learned the ropes from the sugar plantations and made his dreams of running his own business in Hawaii a reality. After a long day of negotiations, he purchased a used helicopter and made it into a Douglas DC-3. He enlisted the help of some old friends from the war days, including the pilots of Douglas Aircraft. Unfortunately, the new helicopter crashed just days after the rebuild. But it didn’t take long to fix the problem.

Bank Of Hawaii

For many travelers, the perks of Hawaiian air service are irresistible. The airline’s credit card gives you miles and cash back, so you can use it anywhere you travel in the state. For example, you can earn miles for shopping and dining at participating restaurants. Moreover, you can also use your card to make payments at local merchants, such as gas stations, restaurants, and hotels. The program is open to residents of the 50 United States.

Bank of Hawaii offers a Visa Debit Card that allows customers to earn 1,000 miles per month when paying with their Bank of Hawaiian Airlines credit card. The card has a $3 monthly fee and is issued to individuals who have an active checking account with the bank. The Hawaiian Airlines Visa Debit Card offers many perks, including free air travel. However, it does come with some restrictions. First, you must be 16 years old to get the card. Second, you need to have a checking account with the Bank of Hawaii. Third, you should know that Hawaiian Airlines charges a fee of $25 for the first checked bag and $15 for a second bag.

Honokaa Sugar

The Honokaa Sugar Company is located on the northeast coast of Hawaii, 51 miles north of Hilo. The area has ten miles of ocean frontage and is bounded by a steep cliff that extends three miles inland. The elevation varies from about 280 feet at the Kukuihaele landing to about 1,955 feet on the slope of Mauna Kea. The terrain is rugged, with steep slopes and numerous gulches.

While there is a small population in Honokaa, the area was once a bustling community. The Hamakua Sugar Company operated there in the late 19th century. The town is home to the Honokaa People’s Theatre, a historical landmark, and a former international film venue. Today, the theater is a popular stop for residents. The theater is a historic building that also serves as a community center.

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