How To Get Approved For A Credit Card?

Credit cards are becoming increasingly popular as a way to manage money. Their steadily rising popularity is due to the simple fact that they can be paid for later. You can easily get approved for a credit card if you do due research before initiating the application process. This begins with identifying your spending behaviour, checking out the various financial institutions that offer credit cards, and understanding the eligibility criteria and overall card application process.

Detecting what you want from your credit card in return is also suggested. Each type of credit card comes with perks like welcome points, reward points, cashback, discounts, surcharge waiver and more. You should check what benefits best suit your spending style. If you think “how to apply for credit card and you don’t have even one credit card then you must try to apply for Bajaj Finserv credit card online. Because there you get instant approval with minimal documentation.

How To Get The Best Credit Card In India?

You can easily apply online credit card and take a few simple steps.

  1. Look at all the options and choose the one that best fits your needs.
  2. Make sure you meet the requirements.
  3. Fill out the form and upload the necessary documents

Once you submit the documents, you must wait for the application to be approved. You can check on the status of an application by entering the registered mobile number and the OTP that comes back.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: Most credit cards require that the individual who wants to use the card be at least 21. The maximum age differs from bank to bank and can go up to 70 years.
  • Residence: The person who wants a card must be an Indian citizen living within the country’s borders.
  • Employment: Whether you are self-employed or get a salary, all you need is a steady source of income.
  • Credit score: Your creditworthiness should be excellent. The best credit score that aids in instant approval is a score of 750.

Things To Keep In Mind For Timely Approval

  • Submit proof that the information shared is true
  • Keep relevant documents to backup the information on your application form 
  • You can use an Aadhaar card, PAN card, Voter ID card, driver’s licence, or passport as proof of identity
  • As proof of address, you can use any of the following: an electric bill, a phone bill, other utility bills, a passport, etc.
  • While processing your supplication, the bank can ask for various proof, so it is best to keep your financial information handy
  • Apply for a credit card variant that matches your need and repayment capacity
  • Each credit card comes with a joining and annual fee. The higher the credit limit and benefits, the more the fees. Select a card whose fees and charges fit your budget
  • If you are aiming to use your credit card for most of your purchases, select a card that comes with an annual fee surcharge waiver

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