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Triple H is pushing Randy Orton to become champion of the WWE champion, as discovered recently. Triple H is pushing for Randy Orton to be made WWE champion, as he believes that John Cena will benefit from the title race. Orton is in a good position and will be ready to take on the title. The title is his. Randy Orton could have won many times if he had been more disciplined.

After his first appearance with WWE aew belt, Orton knew he was on the right track to achieving great things. After an initial slow start due to injuries, it didn’t take too long till Orton, as well as WWE, were able to introduce to the rest of all of the planet using the Legend Killer moniker. Mick Foley was the first to take on the device. Foley deserves the highest praise for his selfless efforts to aid Orton in overcoming his struggles and make him a global superstar. But it wasn’t an easy time. Even though Orton wasn’t the sole culprit, WWE gave Orton the title after Chris Benoit had been causing an increase in ratings.

Orton’s arrogance and confidence didn’t aid in winning the respect of his supporters. The following year, Randy Orton fought with Triple H, The Undertaker; however, Orton began to gain a reputation for being a tyrant and arrogant. Orton believed that this was his preferred show and that he was the best wrestler in the world. Therefore, there was no need to follow the rules. WWE roster.

WWE Diva Amy Webber, the WWE Diva who resigned from the WWE. Webber claimed she believed that Randy Orton had been harassing her and vandalizing all of her belongings. Rochelle Loewen also was removed from Smackdown because of similar allegations. Her firing came shortly after. The Legend Killers’ friendship seemed to be helping Orton during these events. Orton was not injured when he was able to participate in The WWE wwe replica belts Finals of WrestleMania alongside Kurt Angle, Rey Tent title belt Mysterious, and Rey tent. Orton did not get the gold medal, but he was to take on Rey Mysterious for his belt following WrestleMania. But Orton failed a drug screen and was disqualified from the WWE.

While Orton could not claim the title, some believed it was just what the Legend Killer needed to put Orton on the same level as him. It also helped his return to form. Orton did manage to finish the year without significant incidents, but yet again, Orton was thrust into contention for the world champion title. His behavior again exposed the dark side of his character. He was set to fight Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and Edge in Backlash However, the event was canceled and he was banned from a European tour because he destroyed the room in which he was staying. Orton seemed slightly sloppy and lost his seat in the ring.

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