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Garudavega Courier Service Review

garudavega courier service

Garudavega courier service is a cheap and reliable shipping service for delivering packages from the USA to India. They have some restrictions for certain commodities, but are otherwise a solid choice for shipping packages. They recommend that you use new double-walled cardboard boxes or suitcases for shipping packages, and that you wrap fragile items with bubble wrap. You must also pack the items tightly so that they do not move around inside the box.

Disappointment with garudavega courier service

I had an invoice from Garuda Vega with case ID XXXXXXXXXX, receipt date 19th February 2019, tracking number XXXXXXXX. However, my consignment was only partially delivered and half of it was damaged. I contacted the company and they refunded me 4400 rupees. They also said that when FedEx refunds their money, Garuda Vega will also reimburse the shipping charges.

Poor service

I recently had an experience with Garuda Vega courier service. They had promised 5-7 days delivery for my 13kg food parcel, and their tracking number told me they would get it to me on February 22 by 7 p.m. However, I’ve been unable to contact Garuda Vega to get an update on my package, and the couriers haven’t responded to my requests to clarify the status of my package.

Garuda Vega Courier Service is a proprietorship company with a reputation for providing high-quality products and services at competitive prices. This company offers affordable rates and vehicles that are low-maintenance and highly reliable. This company employs highly qualified staff and focuses on customer service. This means they can compete in the market with any other courier service.

Although the company is based in India, Garuda Vega has branches throughout the world. They also offer pick-up and drop-off services, which allows them to deliver your shipment as soon as possible. They offer low-cost delivery, quality control, and customer supervision. Garuda Vega offers services for both small and large businesses, and they cater to specific needs. For example, Garuda Vega can ship non-edged items, which many couriers cannot handle.

Restricted/prohibited item list

Garudavega is a reliable and inexpensive shipping service that transports packages from the USA to India. However, you should know that there are some prohibited or restricted items that you should never send using their service. In order to avoid causing problems at the border, you should ensure that your package is packed properly. New cardboard double-walled boxes are recommended, and you should make sure that fragile items are protected with bubble wrap. Also, make sure that the outer edge of the box does not touch anything. Also, ensure that all items are packed snugly to avoid causing damage during transportation.

Certain items are prohibited by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and therefore cannot be shipped using a courier service. Other items can be shipped, but they are not accepted by the courier partner. Some of these prohibited items include animal parts, remains, and trophies. These items are prohibited either by the CITES Convention or by local laws. They can also be subject to quantity limits or require an exclusive export license.

The GarudaVega courier service in Chennai offers a reliable courier service for international shipments. It provides shipping for over 200 countries. It requires a valid adhar card, your name and address, and the type of package you wish to send. They use bubble wrap to protect your package, and two workers will be assigned to each package. Please be sure to include the right size and weight for your package when completing the checkout process.

Delivery time

Garudavega courier service delivery times vary and depend on several factors, including the weight of the parcel, the destination, and the mode of delivery. Typically, you can get a quote for your delivery by calling their customer care numbers. It is also possible to visit their head office and discuss your delivery needs with a customer service representative.

If you don’t want to wait for a long time to get your package, you can use the Garudavega courier tracking system. You can track your shipment by entering the tracking number mentioned on the right side of your receipt. You can also use the tracking number to complain if your shipment is late or missing.

Garudavega uses several courier companies, including FedEx, ICL, and DHL. You can track your shipment online using the tracking number provided on your receipt. Once you have found the tracking number, you can go to the courier’s tracking page to see its current location and status. You can track domestic and international shipments.

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