Gentry Family Funeral Service

gentry family funeral service

Gentry Family Funeral Service is a family-owned business dedicated to personalized services. Its staff implements your wishes and traditions with dignity and respect, allowing you to focus on your loved one. They also offer pre-planning options, which allow you to record preferences for funeral services. Their offices are located at 5108 US 601 Hwy in Yadkinville, NC.

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The Gentry Family Funeral Service has been in business for over twenty years, providing personalized service to clients. Their staff respects each request and works hard to implement them. Their goal is to create a healing experience for their clients. Whether you choose a traditional funeral or cremation service, they will take care of the details so that you can focus on your loved one.

Located in the heart of Knoxville, the Gentry family has been in business for three generations. In 1898, the family opened a funeral home in Knoxville. Throughout the years, the Griffey family has expanded its services and continues to be family-owned and operated. They serve families throughout the Knoxville area, including East Tennessee.

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Since 1994, the staff at Gentry Family Funeral Service has provided individualized services with the utmost respect. The services will be tailored to reflect your wishes, traditions, and personal tastes. They will handle all the details of the funeral so you can focus on your loved one. You can pre-plan funeral services with the funeral home, so that the staff will have an accurate record of the details of the deceased’s life and preferences. Their office is located at 5108 US 601 Hwy in Yadkinville, NC.

The funeral home staff will honor the wishes of your loved one by handling all the details and personalizing them. They are family-oriented and will take your wishes and traditions seriously, so you can focus on the family. If you have pre-planned, you can even record your preferences for funeral services. The Gentry family funeral home is located at 5108 US 601 Hwy, Yadkinville, NC 27055.

Family-owned business

Since 1994, Gentry Family Funeral Service in Yadkinville, NC has been offering personalized services. The family-run business is committed to honoring each individual’s wishes and traditions, allowing families to focus on the memories of their loved one. Pre-planning your funeral will allow you to record your wishes and preferences for the funeral service. You can find their office at 5108 US 601 Hwy, Yadkinville, NC.

This family-owned business provides traditional funeral services, graveside ceremonies, funeral receptions with food, and life celebrations. A life celebration is a modern way to honor a loved one and may include a party with music and dancing. Military honors can be included in any service, and Gentry Family Funeral Service can also handle veteran benefits.

Gentry Family Funeral Service provides funeral services for individuals, families, and businesses in the Yadkinville area. The company is dedicated to personalizing services, and the staff strives to honor the wishes of each client. The staff will work with you to accommodate any special requests, and they will work around the clock to fulfill them. Families can trust that the staff will treat them like friends and guests, and the planning process will be stress-free.


FUNERAL SERVICES are a time for family members and friends to honor the life of the departed. These services can be traditional or more contemporary. Regardless of the format, funeral services offer comfort and closure to the grieving family. They also honor the deceased by celebrating his or her life. Depending on the type of service, there are many choices regarding the location of the service, casket or urn selection, pallbearers, celebrant (dissimilar to a minister), music, food and music, and the funeral service.

A traditional funeral ceremony usually includes a sermon from a priest, scripture readings, prayers, and hymns. After readings, the priest will give a sermon which will give insight into the readings and relate them to the deceased’s life. A eulogy is also often given at the end of the funeral service.

The funeral home will obtain a death certificate from the coroner and medical professionals. If the death was not natural, the coroner will investigate the cause of death. Funeral professionals also work to restore the deceased’s life-like appearance. In cremation, human remains are reduced to bone fragments and ash. These remains will then be placed in simple containers, usually cardboard or chipboard.

A traditional funeral is likely to cost several thousand dollars. This is due to the casket used, which varies in price and style. Some caskets are made of metal, while others are made of wood, fiberboard, or plastic. The average casket costs a bit more than $2,000. Some caskets sell for upwards of $10,000.

Planning a funeral in advance has many benefits, including giving your family peace of mind during a difficult time. It can also help you make decisions regarding the deceased’s final wishes. You can also choose a celebrant to add personal touches to the service. The celebrant’s role is vital to the service. If you are planning a funeral, make sure you consult with a funeral director and arrange a pre-need financial arrangements.

A funeral program is often the first thing people notice about the service. It may contain information about the deceased’s name, birth and death dates, or a collage of pictures. It can also have a quotation or inspirational saying. The program will also contain the order of service and list the participants. A few other details should also be included on the cover page.

The next step in a traditional funeral service is the graveside service. This service is usually preceded by a visitation or viewing. Then the casket will be transported to the cemetery, where family and friends will pay final respects before the casket is lowered into the ground. Some families opt to skip the funeral service entirely and choose a direct burial.

The funeral can be personalized to reflect the deceased’s interests and personality. Many funeral homes are happy to work with you and incorporate your favorite details. For example, if your mother loved gardening, you could include pictures of the flowers in her casket. You could also incorporate a poem about gardening, which the deceased loved.

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