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Mortgage En Espaol – Maxwell Espanol

mortgage en espaol

Maxwell’s mortgage en espaol solution allows borrowers to complete the mortgage application in either Spanish or English. It integrates with lenders’ back-end loan origination systems and features in-house mortgage processors and underwriters who speak Spanish. This in-house Spanish capability benefits both lenders and borrowers.

Maxwell’s Espanol mortgage solution lets borrowers complete mortgage applications in Spanish or English

Maxwell, a mortgage technology provider, has developed a Spanish-language point-of-sale platform for borrowers. While many other shopping platforms have a limited amount of help for Spanish-speaking borrowers, the Maxwell Espanol mortgage solution lets borrowers fill out their mortgage applications in Spanish. It also allows users to toggle between Spanish and English.

The Espanol mortgage solution enables borrowers to complete their applications in Spanish or English, allowing lenders to serve Hispanic communities with better service. The bilingual solution will empower local lenders and enhance the accessibility of homeownership.

A loan application can be intimidating for many borrowers, especially for those with limited English proficiency. Borrowers must understand complex terminology and complete numerous documents. Fortunately, the Maxwell Espanol mortgage solution helps them complete their applications in Spanish or English. With bilingual options, borrowers can improve their application submission rates and streamline workflow.

Maxwell’s point-of-sale platform integrates with lenders’ back-of-sale systems

Maxwell’s point-of-sales platform integrates with lenders’ back-ofsale systems to create a seamless workflow and save lenders time and money. Moreover, the company’s artificial intelligence technology speeds up the mortgage closing process by up to 13 days and enables loan officers to close more loans per month.

The company has more than 300 employees in the U.S. and focuses on small to midsize lenders. It has received a total of $52 million in venture capital funding, and has been named the most innovative company in the real estate industry by HousingWire Magazine since 2017. It is also ranked as the fifteenth fastest growing software company in the United States by Inc. 5000 list.

The resulting digital closing is highly valuable for both the lender and the customer. It reduces the number of errors, improves customer satisfaction, and shortens the loan closing process. Lenders can also integrate Maxwell’s point-of-sale platform with back-of-sale systems to automate key processes.

Maxwell’s solution integrates with lenders’ back-of-sale systems

Mortgage technology provider Maxwell has developed innovative solutions for local lenders to boost productivity and efficiency. Its platform provides lenders with access to data that can help them speed up the mortgage lending process. The solutions streamline the entire process from application to loan closing, reducing errors and boosting processor productivity.

The company’s mortgage solution is built to integrate with the back-end systems of lenders. It is part of the mortgage bankers association and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. It has been recognized by HousingWire Magazine as one of the most innovative mortgage companies. In addition, it is ranked among the 15 fastest-growing software companies in the U.S. by Inc. 5000.

The Maxwell mortgage solution was developed with input from loan officers and over 1,000 mortgage borrowers. It delivers an end-to-end digital experience that results in a ninety percent loan application completion rate. It utilizes innovative technology and US-based fulfillment experts to maximize efficiency and flexibility across the entire mortgage process. Maxwell’s Processor Edge also reduces the number of underwriting touches and ensures consistency with LOS.

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