Service Electric Outage

service electric outage

In response to the service electric outage, Service Electric has made specific changes to their infrastructure. For example, more poles have been installed near the Lehigh River. This will prevent wires from dipping so deep that a train could hit them. While the outage is not yet over, the outage is affecting customers in Schuylkill County.

Estimated number of customers affected by outage

An estimated number of customers affected by a service electric outage is posted on the utility’s website and social media channels. If you are one of these customers, you can contact PSEG and let them know that you are without power. If you do not have a smart meter, you can manually report an outage. When the outage is confirmed, you can expect to hear from the utility when the power returns.

During large weather events, this information may not be updated as frequently. Instead, it may be updated as new information becomes available. You can check the outage map to see which areas of the service area are affected. You can also check your electric service connection point for outages and turn off appliances that use heating elements to prevent overloading the distribution system and creating another outage when the power comes back.

Impact on Schuylkill County

Thousands of people in Schuylkill County were without power Friday due to an outage caused by Service Electric. This company provides phone, cable TV, and internet service to many areas, including Zion Grove. Many customers thought the outage affected only their service, but later the company confirmed that it affected many people.

The outage was caused by high winds, which blew trees and power lines down. The Nor’easter dumped nine inches of snow in some areas and packed a gusty punch. There were also reports of outages in Lower Merion and Montgomery counties. Those who were not affected were advised to stay indoors.


If you’ve noticed a power outage, you should contact your electricity provider to see if the power has been restored. The estimated time of restoration will vary depending on the nature of the outage and the severity. If the outage is long, the estimated time of restoration will be longer.

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