Should you buy a refurbished iPhone or a brand new iPhone?

Nowadays, smartphone consumers often wonder whether to go for a fully-refurbished iPhone or buy a brand new one. With their attractive slogans and affordable price tag, refurbished iPhones catch attention, but are they worth it? Is it wise to ditch a brand new iPhone for a refurbished one? If these questions perturb you and you can’t find their answer, you can read on and find the answer below.

What is a refurbished iPhone?

refurbished iPhone is a used iPhone that its owner returned to Apple due to some manufacturing defect. Such return usually takes place during the warranty period. At times, a customer also returns the phone during the 30-day cooling period citing unsatisfactory performance and user experience.

For whatever reason, the iPhone came back to its original birthplace; what happens to it there is our concern here. Apple checks the phone for any supposed manufacturing fault, removes it, replaces the battery, inspects the exterior, fixes any issues, and then resells it at a lower price. The phone also gets a new warranty and an Apple-certified refurbished label.

It is precisely what an Apple refurbished iPhone means.

A brand new iPhone in brief:

A brand new iPhone is an unused, sealed, and packed iPhone yet to be sold. It has a warranty attached to it and comes at a high price.

Refurbished iPhone vs. brand new iPhone:

The striking difference between a brand new and a refurbished iPhone is that the former has not been owned and used by anyone. It is not the case in the latter. But, since a refurbished iPhone undergoes an overhaul, it also gets several new components and is thoroughly checked for any errors and defects. We can say that a refurbished iPhone is not new, but it is as good as a new iPhone. We will talk more about it in detail below.

Why should you prefer a refurbished iPhone over a new one?

It might sound preposterous, but it is true. We are all for buying a slightly old-series refurbished iPhone over a brand new one. Let us share our arguments that base our case in favour of a refurbished iPhone.

A refurbished iPhone won’t cost you a fortune:

We all know that iPhones are pricey, and with every new iPhone series launch, the prices are getting higher. Even the lower-end variants of the iPhone are considerably expensive now. In contrast, a refurbished iPhone is available at a substantially low price. You get a quality product in full working order at a very reasonable price. It does not get better than this.

Promotes the cause of green earth:

If you favour a refurbished product over a new one, you are extending its life span. You are also saving the materials that would otherwise go into producing the new iPhones. So, you are doing your bit in contributing to a greener planet with less e-waste and saving precious resources.

A deal that is worth it:

You get an iPhone at a very good price in excellent condition when you buy it refurbished. What more can you ask for? It is worth your money.

Free from any contracts:

Buying a new iPhone via a network service provider will also bind you to use its services. It restricts you to that network no matter how its service is. But a refurbished iPhone is free from any such restrictions. You get a phone that you can use on any network of your choice.

It makes economic sense:

If you look at it from purely an economic point of view, it doesn’t make sense that you spend so much money on buying a smartphone. At the end of the day, how many iPhone 13 pro max functions will you use? How many of its users consume the 1TB internal storage or utilize its much-touted cameras? You use very little of what you buy, or what the product offers, so why spend so much on it?

Unpopular opinion, but it is true:

No doubt, an iPhone is an incredible piece of equipment with some great features and fabulous performance. But Apple hasn’t done anything spectacular or groundbreaking with iPhones in a long while. With every new iPhone’s launch, you get just some minor cosmetic upgrades, a few tweaks here and there, and the price is jacked up many times. Is it worth spending your hard-earned money on something that gives you psychological satisfaction and not actual value for money?

If you insist on buying an iPhone, a refurbished iPhone is the best available course of action. A refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max will give you the same level of performance that a new iPhone 12 Pro Max, but the price differential will be huge. So, be wise and go for the cheaper and more practical alternative.

Should you buy a refurbished iPhone or a brand new iPhone?

The answer to this question is yes. You get all the fabulous perks and benefits that we have listed above, so there is no reason why you should not consider a used iPhone.

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