Types of Plants Found in the Wild

In the wild, there are many different types of plants. Some are rare and can be difficult to find. Others are very common. For example, there is the wood cycad and the anthurium.

Wollemi pine

Wollemi Pine, also called dinosaur tree or dawn redwood, is a critically endangered plant from Australia. It is one of the rarest species on earth, with fewer than 80 trees in the wild. This small population escaped extinction by just barest margins.

Wollemi Pine has an unusual pendulous foliage. It’s also known to have a strong coppicing habit. As a result, the age of a single plant can vary from hundreds of years to over a thousand.

The oldest living Wollemi pines are believed to be 500-1000 years old. During the past two million years, the species was thought to be extinct, until it was discovered in a rainforest gorge in the Blue Mountains of western Australia.

Wood’s cycad

The Wood’s cycad is a rare plant found only in South Africa. It is the last of its kind in the world.

In 1895, a botanist named J. Medley Wood discovered this cycad in Zululand, South Africa. He collected specimens of the cycad and sent them to botanical gardens around the world. A tree stem was planted in Palm House at Kew Gardens in honor of Dr. Wood.

Today, Wood’s cycad lives on in clones. Some of the plants are grown in the botanical gardens of Naples, Italy, and Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania. Besides, they are sold in plant stores.

However, there is a problem with Wood’s cycad. While a female cycad can produce true offspring, the male only reproduces by hybridizing with closely related species. So, there is a need for a new cycad, a clone that will produce a female.

Monstera albo variegata

Monstera plants are one of the most popular houseplants in the world. Its distinctive green leaves speckled with white sections are a draw.

One of the most sought after varieties of the plant is the albino Monstera Variegata. In the past two years, its popularity has increased. While it isn’t as rare as other Monsteras, it is still a desirable plant.

The albino variety of the Monstera is gaining popularity in North America and Australia. In some parts of the world, these cuttings can sell for three figures.

Another variation of the plant, the Monstera Deliciosa, has an interesting vining habit. It grows by sucking nutrients from the air. However, this variety can also be a pain to keep alive.


Anthuriums are one of the most popular houseplants. They come in many different colors, sizes and shapes. These plants are also very easy to grow. To grow anthuriums, make sure the soil is a good drainage and has the proper humidity levels.

Anthuriums are part of the aroid plant family. Their leaves are shaped like hanging ornaments. Depending on the species, they come in a variety of colors.

There are several types of anthuriums to choose from, and the Anthurium Silver Blush is the most popular. It produces velvety green leaves with white veins. The leaves can grow as large as 30 centimeters.

For those looking for a smaller plant, the Anthurium forgetii is a good choice. It’s a slow-growing plant, but is quite compact and attractive.


Did you know Dendrobium acacia is considered by many to be the most intelligent of all the species in the wild? In short, it’s a worthy adversary to the likes of its kin. A good specimen will not be difficult to find, thanks to a well-deserved cult following. There is a plethora of worthy specimens abound on the continent of Australia. The most notable amongst them is the one in the ACT suburb of Perth. A visit is not to be sneezed at. To top it off, you get to enjoy the perks of a big city without the stings of a small town.


The Philodendron is one of the most exciting plants to own. With the wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, they make a great addition to any home. However, it can be difficult to find one that meets your needs.

In order to find the perfect philodendron, you need to know what to look for. These plants are native to Central and South American rainforests and can grow to very large size. They are also extremely easy to care for.

A good place to start looking for a philodendron is your local nursery. They will usually have a table of rare varieties to choose from. You can also check with online retailers to see what they have to offer. Plant Therapy, for instance, sells Rare Plants for a very affordable price.

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