What Does Active Under Contract Mean In Real Estate

Active What Does Active Under Contract Mean In Real Estate under contract means different things to different people, but in a nutshell, it is when a real estate agent has received an offer on a property and has accepted it, technically making the property available for sale. This usually happens before the property goes public and can lead to some serious benefits for the buyer. Here are four reasons why you should be proactive and act as an active under contract agent.

What is Active Under Contract?

Active under contract means that the property is currently being marketed, shown, or sold and that offers have been made.

What are the Different Types of Contracts?

There are two main types of contracts in real estate: buying and selling.

A buying contract is when a consumer buys a property from a seller. A selling contract is when a consumer sells a property to another party.

The main difference between buying and selling contracts is that buyers under contract have an obligation to buy the property, but sellers do not have an obligation to sell the property to them. This means that buyers have more leverage in negotiations because they can compel the seller to sell by threatening to walk away if the seller does not meet their demands.

What Does

What Does Active Under Contract Mean In Real Estate?

If you’re considering a real estate purchase, it’s important to understand active under contract. This refers to properties that have been either accepted or are in the process of being accepted by the seller. By knowing this information, you can better assess the current market and make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in a property.

When a property is active under contract, it means that either the buyer or seller has agreed on terms and there is just a few details left to be worked out. The majority of the work involved in completing a real estate transaction occurs during this phase.

The main reason to track properties that are active under contract is because they often provide great value for your money. Not only are they likely to sell faster than those that are not actively under contract, but they’re also more likely to result in a deal that meets your specific needs and expectations.


Active under contract, in real estate jargon, means that the property has been inspected and deemed to be in good condition for occupancy. Usually this is done by a real estate agent who represents the buyer or seller and is responsible for inspecting the property as part of their job. Once they have determined that it meets all necessary criteria, including any repairs needed, they will sign off on it being “active” which legally makes the property available for purchase or lease.

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