Navy Rome Williams : Jason Aldean’s New Baby Girl

Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Kerr Aldean, welcomed their second child on December 6, 2017—a baby girl named Navy Rome Williams Aldean! The couple announced the birth on Instagram, sharing photos of the newborn and her older sister, Memphis Evelyn Hartt.

Details on the Delivery

Jason Aldean had a baby girl, Navy Rome Williams, with Brittany Kerr. Navy was born on July 27th at 1:01 pm and weighed in at 7 lbs., 14 ounces. She is the couple’s first child together.
I’m pretty sure I just got the greatest gift that God could give me, said Aldean after seeing his baby for the first time. She looks just like her momma.
She already has her daddy wrapped around her finger!
Navy may have been an unexpected blessing but it wasn’t an accident.
We wanted a family of our own, so when we found out we were pregnant we were beyond excited, says Jason Aldean of their new daughter Navy Rome Williams. It feels amazing to finally be a dad, added Aldean.
Both Jason and Brittany Aldean are overjoyed with the newest addition to their family – Navy Rome Williams – who brings joy to both parents’ lives every day as they raise her up right.

A Fan Creates Photoshopped Pictures of the Family

Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany had a baby girl on Monday, September 16th. The new parents named their daughter Navy Rome Williams. Fans quickly took to photoshop to create pictures of the family with their new addition. Some pictures show the little girl in her crib or being held by her mother. Others show her with her dad for a photo shoot or as she is about to go on stage for one of his concerts. It looks like she will have a very fun life!
Navy Rome Williams has officially made it onto social media as well. Her dad posted an adorable picture of the two that shows him kissing her cheek. He wrote, She really does fit so good in my arms and many people commented that he must be so happy to be a father now. His wife has been posting some great shots too.
She shared a video where Navy can be seen playing at bath time! They both seem so happy and in love with this little bundle of joy! There are few more pictures of the whole family together but all fans seem to care about is how excited they are for them all.
In closing, we hope that you enjoy this post today on new parents Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany’s newest arrival – Navy Rome Williams!

The Meaning Behind the Name

Jason Aldean has named his new baby girl Navy Rome Williams, and the meaning behind this name is quite touching. The Rome in her name comes from the band he was touring with at the time of her birth, ROME. The Williams comes from his grandfather and father, both of whom were named William. He did mention that Navy was actually a family nickname for his wife Brittany’s great-grandfather, who served in World War II.
Aldean also revealed that they didn’t find out what they were having until 36 weeks into Brittany’s pregnancy. They opted to wait until their little one arrived before deciding on a first name. Now that Navy Rome Williams is finally here, Jason says It couldn’t be more perfect.

Fans React

Fans of Jason Aldean have been waiting for his new baby to arrive and now that she has, the excitement is palpable. It’s not every day you find out the name of a celebrity’s baby – but it seems like we can do just that! The country music star announced on Instagram this week that he and wife Brittany had welcomed their first child into the world.
And what did they call her? Navy Rome Williams. That sounds so sweet! I know a lot of people are speculating about who Navy’s godmother will be, since Brittany doesn’t have any sisters. But I think it might be Jessie James Decker or fellow country singer Kelly Clarkson. Of course I’m talking about if they’re still alive in 10 years or something crazy.
If either one of them is pregnant right now, then maybe Jay-Z or Beyonce as godparents would make sense because they’re pretty close friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce too.
What I’m most excited about though is how well Jason Aldean will take care of Navy! He always posts these super heartwarming pics with animals he rescues from abusive situations…and hopefully the same goes for his own daughter!

Other Celebrity Babies Named by Their Parents

Many celebrities have named their children after cities, places, and things they love. Navy Rome Williams is the daughter of country singer Jason Aldean and wife Brittany Kerr. It is unclear if she will be a country singer like her father, but one thing is for sure; she’ll have a unique name like all other celebrity babies.
Like Navy Rome Williams, many celebrity kids also receive unusual names. Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack has such an unusual moniker that he was told by friends it was as weird as naming your child Chalk Dust or Twinkle Star! As strange as these may seem, at least these aren’t even in people’s Top 10 lists when it comes to uncommon baby names!
In fact, NumerologySofia put together a list detailing both their favorite and most hated celebrity baby names of 2017. While looking through their findings I wasn’t surprised to find Jackson at number 8 on peoples’ most hated list! A close second place goes to Navy Rome Williams, who came in at number 5 with 54 votes.
While reading up on this we found out there were some fans that liked Navy’s name and said It doesn’t matter what you call her. However, those who didn’t like the name had more creative feedback for Jason – suggesting NameMyBabySomethingNotRandom.

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