Here’s Why You Should Go for Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield has always fascinated riders of all ages in India. There isn’t one single reason why you should for Royal Enfield but a plethora of them. With innovative marketing combined with unparalleled machismo, India’s favourite bike continues to reign the motorcycle market in the country. While some term the bike a legend, others prefer terming it as a beast. 

Here are some of the best reasons why one must consider buying Royal Enfield.

Why You Should Go for Royal Enfield: Top Best Reasons to Convince You

If you are confused about buying a Royal Enfield, then here are some of the best reasons why you must go for it

Legendary Bullet’s Exemplary Road Presence

One of the primary reasons why you must go for a Royal Enfield is because of its unmatched road presence which hasn’t faded even in its 50 years of existence in the country. It doesn’t matter which model you are interested in buying; the Royal Enfield shall continue to be a show-stopper. The bike’s head-turning designs and the premium Royal Enfield accessories that come along with it are keeping it fresh even after five decades. 

Unlike other bikes in the market, it needs no upgradation when it comes to the appeal factor and the designs. People love the bike because of its iconic design and how nobody can dare afford to dislike it.

Royal Enfield’s Unmatched Reliability

Every rider that has ever owned a RE or has heard about it will swear by its reliability. That newer RD models are unit engine construction-powered which are requires minimal maintenance. Apart from that, the engines are far more modern than the traditional AVL iron engines. The RE manufacturers offer a 24-month warranty on their bike’s engines which proves their confidence in their beast.

Additionally, the Royal Enfield accessories for bike riders are reliable too and are known for their sturdy construction and durability. 

The Fuel Efficiency is Incomparable

Despite being sturdily constructed and having a bulky engine, the Royal Enfield can promise a mileage of about 30-35 km/bolt. Despite having a massive engine of 500CC, the RE gives excellent mileage unless, of course, you don’t maintain it regularly. There’s no better deal-breaker than a RE in the present market. 

You get all the perks and power, that too spending lavishly. You can browse through different other bikes with similar fuel efficiency but at a cost of a smaller engine.

Choose from an Array of Customization Options

Almost every Royal Enfield model that runs on the road offers a plethora of customization options for its riders. Some of the customizations that you can opt for the bike are exhausted tile pipes, auxiliary headlamps, windshields, etc.

 What attracts most riders to the customization option is the fact that everybody can do it including the roadside mechanic whom you don’t care about much.

Sturdy Construction

The Royal Enfield takes pride in its all-metal design with minimal quantities of plastic elements, except for the Himalayan model. You can use the RE bikes innumerable times with proper maintenance. There is various RE model which is about a decade or older but runs fine on the road.

There is a RE Model for Everybody

Just a few years back, the RE bikes were owned by a particular section of society. However, as the manufacturers started rolling out exciting fresh options in the bike like electric start, the RE bike is now a bike for every other person. Almost everybody can own and start riding a Royal Enfield today. The bike’s riding process has become simplified, thanks to the advent of advanced technology.

Royal Enfield’s Undeniably Strong Power

Royal Enfield’s power is undeniably unmatched, especially on rugged terrains, hilly areas, etc. The RE bike owners will tell you that their bike is competent and powerful for going on any road that you take them. For the travel-lovers, the Himalayan model is particularly designed for hilly regions, owing to its unmatched power.

Nothing Beats Royal Enfield’s Riding Comfort Level

The Royal Enfield is one of the most comfortable bikes that you can get, especially for long trips. The bike’s seating posture is ideal for the cruiser. The seating position doesn’t make the rider undergo stress even during long-hour rides. This is the reason why riders prefer buying RE for every bike trip.

The Resale Value is Massive for Royal Enfield

The last point of consideration is the resale value. When you buy a RE, you know that when you sell it in the future, you will make more money than the price you bought it for. No other Indian bikes in the market offer such amazing resale value as a RE. 

Royal Enfield has been continuing for decades and continues to be a strong contender for most Indian bike brands available in the market. If you are thinking about why you should go for Royal Enfield, then remember that the bike is perfect for all types of Indian roads are come with various salient features which you wouldn’t get in any other bike at that cost. When you own a RE, you ride with confidence knowing it is the best Indian bike so far. 

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