All You Need To Know About Essential Oils

Have you ever felt fresh after coming home from a long day at the office? If this has happened to you too, there is a high chance that some beautiful flowers will be placed in your bedroom. Everyone loves the smell of fresh flowers. We tend to forget about our tiring days once we breathe some beautiful and refreshing air. That is why people are keen on using various liquid fragrances inside their bedrooms, car, and bathroom.

But if you are someone who wants a rather simple way to feel fresh, you can extract the essence of a beautiful flower and make one of the best essential oils at home. If you cannot, then do not worry. You can use various essential oils that can give you fragrance and freshness. If you are also curious about essential oils, follow this article because here we have mentioned everything you need to know about it.

What Is Essential Oil?

Essential oils are a kind of liquid made from any part of plants. They can be roots, flowers, leaves, and stems. These highly concentrated oils, though made by extracting the essence of the flowers, carry multiple benefits. Since these oils are naturally made, they strongly affect the human mind and body. Because of these oils’ fragrances and benefits, they are also highly used for therapeutic purposes.

Various Usage of Essential Oils

As many of you know by now, essential oils are not just oils having beautiful fragrances. They are much more than that. Though we know that essential oils calm our minds, helping us to keep away tiredness, they have other benefits too. All of them are mentioned below for you to know more about essential oil.


You might feel the need to take steam from lukewarm water to get some rest from the cold. But how about adding a few drops of essential oil into the water? It sounds good. Does it not? Just add 5 to 10 drops of essential oil to the lukewarm water you have made for taking steam. Keep your head in the container and place a towel over your head for extra benefit.

You can also do that if you do not prefer taking any steam and want to use the essential oil for its fragrance. Take a handkerchief, spray a few drops of the best essential oils brand, and then inhale the smell whenever you want.


Who does not like to spend the entire day in a room with a beautiful and sweet fragrance? There is hardly anyone who does not want that. But of course, you cannot cover the entire room with flowers to enjoy a good fragrance. However, with a diffuser, you certainly can. If you diffuse a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser, it can spread the oil automatically in the air, making the room both presentable and enjoyable. It also helps to purify the room automatically.

Massage Oils

As mentioned earlier, essential oils are not just for enhancing the room’s beauty by making it smell good. It has other qualities too. For example, people use a few drops of essential oil with the massage oil and blend both to create a very healthy massage oil to apply to the skin.


Compresses are used for healing. The warm compresses have much more healing capacity than the others. So, you can add 5 to 10 drops of essential oil to water to make the compress. It helps a little more than the others.


Usually, after working for the entire day, our muscles start to feel tired. At this time, people want nothing more than to take a soothing bath. You can add around 8 to 10 drops of essential oil to the water you are about to use for bathing. It can do both, soothe your sore muscles and give you a relaxing feeling.

How to Make Essential Oil?

You do not have to wander store to store to buy essential oils. You can make them at home easily. Use carrier oils like coconut, jojoba oil, almond oil, avocado oil, etc., to prepare your essential oil at home. But remember, essential oils are usually very thin. However, if your essential oil is quite solid, you might have to warm it up a little before using it. But while heating up, ensure its properties are not affected. 

Benefits Of Using Essential Oil

Essential oils are not just used for their smell; their calming effect and beautiful smell are why people prefer to use them. In addition, they have various benefits; some are health-related, others are not. Here we have mentioned some of the benefits of essential oil you might not know.

  • Health Benefits

As mentioned above, essential oils do not just relax your mind; they have some health benefits. Using essential oils correctly can help eliminate colds, headaches, and coughs. Not only that, you can massage your body with essential oil to get relief from your body pain and muscle soreness. It is known to everyone that tree stems and roots have many benefits. So some essential oils made of tree stems and roots have antibacterial properties. That is why they can be used for treating various illnesses and skin problems.

  • Spray

Because of their beautiful smell, essential oils are known for having cleansing properties. As a result, they are used in room fresheners, fabric softeners, diffusers, potpourri, linen, etc. 

  • Emotional Well-being

Essential oils are famous because of their calming effect on the mind. But they are also helpful in promoting emotional health as well. You can consider using one of the best essential oil brands for getting relief from anxiety, stress, depression, or any negative feeling. It can also help to have a better sleep by bringing a positive mood.

  • Cosmetic Benefits

Cosmetic products are undoubtedly very famous. Whether it is lotion or body mist, we need fragrance in almost everything we use. Many essential oils are popular for their skin benefits. That is why using essential oils in various lotions, oils, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, face wash, and facial scrubs has become normal. If the essential oil used in the cosmetic product is good enough, it can provide various benefits to your skin.

  • Commercial Use

You can hardly find any company which has not been using any essential oil to produce their products. Various companies use essential oils in mouthwash, hair treatment, oils used to treat joint injury, massage oils, etc.

Precautions for Using Essential Oils

  • Just because you like essential oils does not mean you can use them as much as you want. The dose is one of the most important factors in essential oil. As essential oils are highly concentrated liquids, overdose can negatively affect the human body. For example, people can face liver and various skin problems. Not only that, overuse of essential oils can form tumors as well.
  • It may not be as beneficial for pregnant women as it is for others. So, it is better if pregnant women do not use it.
  • When you buy essential oil from a shop, checking its purity is always a wise choice. Sometimes to increase the smell, companies use synthetic chemicals. Though they smell similar to essential oils, their benefits are not the same. As a result, it can form various skin diseases in the future. 
  • Using essential oils concentrated on the skin can be dangerous. So, refrain from doing that.
  • Before buying any essential oil, always check its ingredients. Some people may be allergic to its fragrance or one of the ingredients. 

Some of the Famous Essential Oils You may not Know About

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, earlier known as Melaleuca, is best known for healing wounds. It is also famous for treating bug bites, infections, acne, and players’ feet. Many cosmetic brands use tea tree oil in the manufacturing of anti-acne products since it effectively combats acne and pimple.

  • Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is mainly used for its soothing smell. However, most people use lemon oil for making cleansing solutions. It can also help to treat digestion problems and headaches.

  • Lavender Oil

Lavender oil, especially known for its beautiful and comforting fragrance, is used to eliminate anxiety and tension. Using the right amount of lavender oil can help you to have a good night’s sleep. Besides, it also has hair and skin benefitting properties. It can also be used during bathing for a soothing and relaxing experience.


To buy high-quality products, check out the best essential oil brands on the market. Essential oils, as made of various parts of trees, automatically carry everything they need. Besides having a beautiful smell, they also have some healing properties. From using them to spend a relaxing night to heal multiple injuries of the body, essential oils seem to be more beneficial than other oils. 

However, you should always be careful at the time of applying them. Just like using it can be beneficial, their overdose can be harmful too. So, if you are fond of using essential oils, go through all the factors we have mentioned above and decide which one seems the best for you.

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