Why is Calcium Important for the Human Body?

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients needed by our body. Almost every cell of our body needs this nutrient. Some of the main areas where Calcium is utilized are the heart, nervous system, bones, and muscles.

Calcium is important for providing support for the proper functioning of our bodies. A deficiency of this nutrient can cause conditions like Osteoporosis or even Osteopenia. To determine the level of Calcium present in your body, it is important to know about the Calcium test price.

What Is The Need For Calcium In Our Body?

Our bodies can acquire Calcium through food sources like milk, butter, cheese, and other dairy products. One can also get Calcium through supplements and vitamins. Our body needs this mineral to maintain healthy teeth and bones. It also has a vital role to play in the clotting of blood. It maintains proper heart health and allows muscles to constrict. It is important to know the Calcium test price before undergoing the test for the same.

Your body needs a particular dose of Calcium daily to function properly and perform daily activities easily. It has also been proven that Calcium helps in lowering high blood pressure. Doctors advise people suffering from high blood pressure to go for Calcium supplements. Consuming an adequate amount of Calcium can help prevent bone loss by slowing the degree of bone loss. Always consult your doctor regarding the Calcium test price and other details of the test. 

1. Helps In Muscle Contraction

Calcium aids muscle contraction. When a particular nerve in your body stimulates a specific muscle, your body begins releasing Calcium. As a result, the Calcium released helps the proteins contract the muscles. The muscles tend to relax as your body begins pumping the Calcium out of them. Check out the Calcium test price before testing your body’s Calcium levels.

2. Assists Cardiovascular Functions

Calcium has a major role to play in the clotting of blood. Since blood clotting is a complex process involving several steps, it consists of various chemicals. One of those chemicals is Calcium. This mineral also helps in maintaining the proper health of your heart muscles. It promotes relaxation of the smooth muscles that are around your blood vessels. Research shows that consumption of Calcium helps in lowering blood pressure as well. So, it is important to know about the Calcium test price before going for it.

3. Promotes Bone Health

It has been proven that almost 99% of the total amount of Calcium present in the human body is in the teeth and bones. Calcium is important for the growth, development, and proper care of bones. It is also responsible for the development of bones in children as they grow.

Calcium plays a vital role in maintaining the proper health of bones. This mineral is also responsible for slowing down the process of loss of bone density. So, it is best to consult a doctor and make sure that the Calcium levels in your body are normal.

Females who have just experienced menopause suffer from bone density loss at a faster rate in comparison to others. They develop a higher risk of Osteoporosis, making the doctors recommend Calcium supplements for their bone health.

4. Other Benefits Of Calcium

Calcium is regarded as an essential mineral in performing other activities too. It is one of those components without which the body will not be able to function smoothly. Some of the other benefits that Calcium has to offer are:

  • A considerable improvement in cholesterol
  • Taking Calcium supplements can also help in lowering the risk of Colorectal Adenomas. This condition arises due to a type of non-cancerous tumor. 
  • It is also responsible for lowering the risks of any conditions caused due to high blood pressure during pregnancy.  

Some Of The Calcium Food Sources To Try Out

Several food items are rich in Calcium. Also, if your doctor has recommended a Calcium test for you, make sure to consult him about the Calcium test price, along with other information.

Some of the food sources rich in Calcium include:

  • Cheese
  • Milk
  • Tofu
  • Legumes
  • Grains
  • Salmon
  • Corn tortillas
  • Nuts and seeds like Chia, Sesame, and Almonds
  • Fortified fruit juices
  • Green leafy veggies
  • Fortified dairy alternatives like Soy milk

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the benefits of Calcium, read this article thoroughly. Also, if you wish to go for a Calcium test, make sure to have thorough knowledge about the Calcium test price, along with other details.

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