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Vancouver Pest Control & Bedbug Heat Treatment in Hotels

Bedbugs have remained a serious issue in Vancouver for many years. Besides, it is one of the two cities in British Columbia with the highest population of bedbugs. Besides infesting homes, bedbugs also infest hotels. These household pests infest homes via hitchhikes. In addition, you can unknowingly carry bedbugs from hotels to your home and vice versa. In other words, people can carry bedbugs with them while they travel to hotels or homes. Moreover, hotel owners need to take Vancouver pest control seriously, specifically for bedbugs. Otherwise, bedbugs may ruin the reputation of their hotels and also cost them a significant loss.

In addition, there are best practices that hoteliers need to follow for bedbug control in hotels. Among the best practices of bedbug control, heat treatments have significant advantages. We all also discuss those advantages in this post to convince you about the effectiveness of bedbug heat treatments.

Benefits of Bedbug Heat Treatments

The preferable bedbug treatment method for hotels is undoubtedly the heat treatment. There are loads of benefits for hoteliers if they opt for heat treatment to eradicate bedbugs from hotels. Moreover, professionals can get rid of all bedbugs present in a hotel via one action, that is, the heat treatment. Here are the benefits of opting for heat treatment to eradicate bedbugs from hotels:

Quick Results:

Bedbugs can survive until they experience a specific temperature, similar to other creatures. Moreover, bedbug heat treatments allow bedbugs to experience temperatures they cannot survive. For the same reason, experts like Pesticon heavily rely on heat treatment to eradicate bedbugs. They apply heat in the rooms where bedbugs are present to exterminate bedbugs from hotels. When bedbugs cannot tolerate the temperature, professionals victoriously and instantly kills bedbugs.

Impressive Successive Rate:

Heat treatment is immensely a successful method to eradicate bedbugs from hotels. If you research the success rate of bedbug heat treatment, you will impress by the numbers. In other words, bedbug heat treatment ensures a hotel remains a bedbug-free space for tourists as well as guests. 

No Need to Use Chemicals:

When it comes to heat treatment, professionals do not need to use any chemicals. Using chemicals or pesticides is not environment-friendly for hotels as it can harm the air, food, and rooms. Opting for the heat treatment in hotels in Vancouver for pest control or bedbug removal does not harm anything but bedbugs. Put differently; bedbug heat treatment is a safe and eco-friendly bedbug control remedy. 

No Smell Afterward:

The application of pesticides or chemicals can leave a strange smell in hotel rooms. However, professionals do not need to use any chemicals to get rid of bedbugs via heat treatment. They only need to apply the heat to a certain temperature to make sure they kill all bedbugs. It also ensures that tourists or guests do not get any signs of bedbugs which were present in hotels before.

These are some of the noticeable benefits of bedbug heat treatments.

How Is Contracting with Professionals Good for Hoteliers?  

It is important for hoteliers to contract with professionals for pest control in Vancouver. It will ensure they avert pests beforehand from infesting their commercial spaces. In addition, it will aid them in better presenting their commercial space to guests and tourists. Consequently, it will aid them in developing a positive reputation for their hotels. 

Besides bedbugs, professionals will also execute the best pest treatments to prevent hotels from other pests if hotel owners contract with a reputable pest control service. It will benefit the hotel management with scheduled visits year-round from professionals for pest control in hotels. Plus, it will aid hoteliers in proving their hotels as comfortable and pest-free spaces for guests and tourists. 

Moreover, there are certain things that hotel owners should keep in mind to contract with a pest control service, like:

  1. Commercial pest control license
  2. Commercial pest control experience
  3. Reputability as a commercial pest control service
  4. Authenticity, effectiveness, and safety of products, equipment, and methods for pest control.

Hotel owners should contract with a pest control service that meets these requirements for them.


Bedbugs are a nuisance in Vancouver, and they are not the pests that you may find in homes only. Bedbugs also infest hotels while travelling through luggage and hitchhikes. In addition, it is important for hoteliers to opt for the best treatment to deal with bedbugs if bedbugs infest their hotels. Bedbug heat treatment is undoubtedly the most effective method to eradicate bedbugs from hotels. Here are the benefits of using the heat treatment against bedbugs in Vancouver for pest control:

  1. It ensures quick results with the eradication of bedbugs from a hotel for good.
  2. Plus, it is an immensely successive method to exterminate bedbugs from hotels.
  3. In addition, professionals do not need to use any chemicals to apply the heat, which may cause irritation afterward.
  4. Lastly, you do not smell anything after the application of heat for bedbug eradication from the hotel.

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