Speaking out over the deaths of 53 migrants in Texas, Kamala Harris claims that Abbott “went right to politics.”

The reaction of Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to the report that at least 53 migrants died after being left in an abandoned semitruck in San Antonio, Texas, this week was criticised by Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday.

In an interview with NPR, Harris remarked that the governor of that state’s approach “really exposes part of the issue because his answer when there are 50 dead bodies in his state is to go right to politics.” “Instead of addressing the issue’s realities.”

What looks to be one of the bloodiest human smuggling incidents in recent U.S. history is still under investigation by authorities. Republicans didn’t waste any time in blaming the Biden administration’s immigration policies for the horrible occurrence.

Abbott tweeted on Monday night, “Biden is to blame for these deaths.” “His deadly open border policies are the cause of them. They demonstrate the fatal results of his failure to uphold the law.”

After some Republicans criticised the administration’s border policies, President Joe Biden retaliated against the governor and accused him of “political grandstanding.”

Republicans say that since the White House removed Trump-era immigration regulations, “open border policies” are to blame for the recent spike in migration at the southern border as well as Monday’s fatal incident.

Harris asserted that the administration is treating the problem of human smuggling, which has grown recently as traffickers try to make money out of one of the most contentious problems in the U.S., “seriously.”

“Just over 2,000 people have been arrested in the past three months. There have probably been at least eight indictments, “She spoke. Right, we need to address that in terms of the repercussions of criminal activity that ends in fatalities.

Republicans blame the White House for the country’s immigration problems, while Harris acknowledged the Trump administration was to blame.

We also need to properly consider the reality that the previous administration destroyed our immigration system, she added. “And we’ve been working to improve that flawed system, and we’re making progress.”

Biden referred to Harris as the “border czar” when he first took office.

But according to reports from earlier this year, the second in command was unhappy about receiving this position and claimed her task involved addressing problems in the Northern Triangle nations of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, which have contributed to the influx of migrants, rather than specifically U.S. immigration laws.

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