What exactly is Google Pixelbook 12in

Google Pixelbook 12in?

Google Pixelbook 12in Review

A new way to play and work is offered by the powerful and fashionable Google Pixelbook 12in. Alongside an LCD touchscreen It also has the 360-degree hinge and four different modes of viewing. It also comes with the 720p HD camera, Bluetooth, and more amazing features integrated into.

The power, mobility and design are well-balanced with this model. Google Pixelbook 12in. It’s an ultra-compact laptop that makes it easy to work from anywhere to get the most out of your applications, and make the most of your streaming entertainment.

What exactly is Google Pixelbook 12in?

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  • Seventh Generation Intel Core i5 CPU powers it. It was developed by Intel. It’s a dual-core Intel Core l5–7y57 CPU that has a 1.2 1GHz clock speed.
  • Google Pixelbook laptops can be connected to storage devices that are external. Its Type C ports will be used to complete the process. Two ports are available in the gadget.
  • The display is 12.3 inches.
  • Clear and crisp images is available from Google Chromebook. Google Chromebook. Any setting it is the case. Even in well-lit environments. The resolution of the display is 2400 x 1600. In addition, it comes with 400 nit brightness.
  • A pixel pen pen is another possibility. A pixel pen is another option. Google Pixel Chromebook is among the many. It allows you to easily explore, make artwork, or even write.
  • It’s quite efficient at multitasking.
  • Internal storage on the Google Pixel Book 12 is 500 GB.
  • The device is a reliable backup plan. Documents, data and other objects can be stored for offline use.
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The design that of Google Pixelbook 12in

It’s not exactly appealing to have a laptop that has an aspect ratio of 3:2. The Pixelbook is among the most appealing laptops in the market due its overall appearance but. The unibody design made of metal on the Pixelbook is thin and features a contemporary and practical style. The wrist rests that are made of silicon and accents are other elements that warrant special attention.

The degree to which the Pixelbook is in line with the idea of a small laptop is what differentiates it from other laptops. It’s a gorgeous replica of a real notebook , rather than feeling or looking like one of the laptops that you’ll find in stores. The old, aged-looking, notebooks that you’d like to keep in your collection are particularly visually similar to it.

The deliciously small laptop is 10.3mm thick and is made of white plastic and steel according to the specifications. With a weight of less than 2.5 pounds it is Pixelbook is very light and portable. Its light design is an ideal choice for those who have to travel a lot and carry their laptops. The Pixelbook comes with two USB Type C ports that transmit electricity between their sides.

The durability and durability Google Pixelbook 12in

It’s easy to imagine treating a $1000 laptop as your child, and never letting it out of your sight , and certainly not in your possession — would be standard. There are always risks, however it is possible to end in losing your laptop to your laptop. Durability is a crucial aspect to consider when making an investment in technology.

To gauge the Pixelbook’s durability, Laptopmag dropped 11 of the most popular Chromebooks. The report concluded that although the Pixelbook 12in by Google is definitely the toughest Chromebook available, it’s not the strongest laptop. The Pixelbook did not suffer any damage in the event that Laptopmag dropped it on concrete and carpet after descending to 4.5 feet.

The display from Google Pixelbook 12in

We were told that a display with 1080p resolution was the maximum that Chromebooks could offer prior to the launch of Google Pixelbook 12in. But the 24001600-pixel resolution of the Pixelbook’s vibrant and vibrant display indicates that customers should not settle for any less than the highest quality. The Pixelbook’s display is nearly 117 percent of the color space, filling the screen with vivid colors and giving YouTube videos in 4K appear almost lifelike.

The 290-nit class is higher than the average threshold by a small margin, is the place where laptops are typically sold. The most effective screen will support multiple touch. This feature was available in previous Chromebook models too however, the ability to work with Android apps in addition to the regular web-based applications is what makes it stand out in Google’s Pixelbook. Furthermore, the regular use of the device shows that the screen of the Pixelbook is precise in detecting touch without a single errors. The user experience is seamless and seamless as a result.

Effective price

At a low cost, the Pixelbook 12in from Google is an excellent laptop. Its screen on the Google Pixelbook looks fantastic as I typing this. To meet my needs the 12-inch screen is perfect. Furthermore, the keyboard responds very quickly. It is important to think about your planned needs when considering an investment in a laptop. It is recommended to purchase an easier-to-use laptop when you’re looking for an updated model that is suitable for use in business. If you’re looking for an option that you can use to enjoy yourself it is best to choose something that is more thrilling and fun. Google Pixelbook Google Pixelbook is a great choice if you’re looking to buy an option that is suitable to play and work.

A few additional advantages that are part of Google Pixelbook 12in

* Keyboard and Touchpad

While the distance between keys isn’t as large as we’d like it to be but they’re nevertheless superior to different Chromebook models. Similar to this using the touchpad to navigate between different websites is fast and free of errors. Users are able to swiftly navigate to all Chrome windows as well as Android applications with the touchscreen’s three-finger swipe-down feature.

* Outstanding Pen

However, purchasing this pen with the laptop is going to cost another $150. The primary function of this pen is to surround things or words on the screen, so the digital assistant is able to give more details about them.

The pen is great for encircling something to use with Google Assistant. It is possible to experience delays when using the pen for writing or drawing tasks. One of the drawbacks to this Pixelbook pen is the fact that it needs AAAA batteries which are difficult to locate in stores near by.

* Operating System, Software and

The main drawback of the older Chromebooks was their inability meet the standards established in Windows as well as macOS. One area in which Chrome OS shines out is security. Its Chrome Operating System makes sure that security updates are run within the background. On Google’s trusted Pixelbook it uses TPM technology to secure your information. With Chrome OS, customers can connect their PCs directly to Pixel devices.

* Productivity

The book you create with pixel can be utilized for a variety of different purposes. You can use it to work on your studies, editing video and images or to simply follow your interests. You might want to consider other options for this. Every app you’ll need could be utilized for this, which means you’re protected. Additionally, you could use Microsoft Office Apps. They include PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Office. Pixel books are great for sketching, designing and drawing.

The source of entertainment

The fun doesn’t stop when you use this Google Pixel Chromebook as well. This is because it provides endless pleasure. You can watch movies or listen to music and also access other services. Furthermore, you’ll be able to download applications with high entertainment value. In addition, you can easily download TV applications. This means that entertainment will be accessible throughout the day. You can download social media applications too.

Overview of the Specification

Furthermore, the internals outperformed all Chromebook that was before its in performance. The dual-band built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 4.2 connect to the world outside. There are only 2 USB 3.1 Type-C connectors and a headphone socket are accessible to connect the device’s physical.


If Chrome OS is more important to you than Windows then this HP Chromebook 13 could be an ideal choice. Even though the gorgeous design is accessible, Android apps will never be able to work on the screen because it isn’t able to support touchscreen. What happens if all you require is a laptop that is low-profile? This Apple MacBook Pro (12-inch screen) is an ideal choice for this scenario. Although it’s not as elegant and simple like Chrome OS, macOS has more professional tools and needs lower care than Windows. Like the Pixelbook, the 256GB version costs £1,249 in the UK.


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The top of the line ultraportable Windows laptop we offer the Dell XPS 13, should be considered too. The most powerful ultraportable Windows laptop we offer that is the Dell XPS 13, should be considered too. While it’s not as attractive than its predecessor, the Pixelbook and the standard display is Full HD, the 3,200 1800 x 1,800 touchscreen model is PS30 more costly than the regular model. It also comes with Windows 10 Home, which is essential for running applications which aren’t supported by Chrome OS or Android, and it’s more powerful.


The design, aesthetics display, design and other features associated with Pixelbook are better than the features of its competitors Chromebooks. But, it is also able to outsell many of its major Windows and iOS-powered competitors.

The Google Pixelbook 12in high price and battery life issues could stop a buyer from purchasing it.

Pixelbook Pixelbook has the highest powerful Chrome OS-powered device available on the market, provided that you don’t have a budget.

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