Who Murdered Mary Lynn Witherspoon?

The body of Mary Lynn Witherspoon, the beautiful 18-year old daughter of California Congressman Michael Witherspoon, was discovered in her bedroom this morning. She had been murdered at her family’s home in the affluent hills above Los Angeles, shot once through the head while she slept in her bed. Police are saying that there were no signs of forced entry into the home and they have no suspects at this time, but an investigation is ongoing. What could possibly have driven someone to murder such an innocent young woman?

Part 1 – The Victim

The victim, Mary Lynn Witherspoon, was a journalist and the owner of Crime Junkie. She was found murdered in her home at 12:06 am on July 29th, 2019. She had multiple stab wounds to the torso and neck. The weapon has not been found. Police believe she knew her assailant because there were no signs of forced entry. They are following up on all leads that might lead them to the killer or killers. In this video, Mary Lynn Witherspoon talks about why people should be careful with their personal information online.
She mentions how hackers can get your data and use it for identity theft as well as phishing scams like sending you fake emails claiming to be from your bank asking for you account number so they can verify your account activity. As the host of Crime Junkie, she said her job is to find out what really happened in murders and other crimes and share them with readers. But now we know who really killed Mary Lynn Witherspoon!

Part 2 – On the Scene

It’s a dark, cold night. A woman is lying in the street, dead. You’re the first on the scene and you spot blood pooling around her head. The victim is Mary Lynn Witherspoon, a crime junkie who was notorious for her brutal honesty with both law enforcement and criminals alike. She regularly wrote about murders and unsolved cases. The question is: Who killed her?
Her final blog post didn’t point to any suspects. Was it one of the people she pissed off when she exposed them? There were several angry commenters on that blog post. Maybe they followed through with their threats to kill her. What do you think happened to Mary Lynn Witherspoon? Share your ideas below!
The sun rises, washing out all color from the sky. The birds stop chirping. One bird falls from its perch on the telephone wire, landing with a plop near Mary Lynn Witherspoon’s body. From inside your car, you can make out a lone man watching from his front porch as you finish examining her body for evidence. Suddenly he jumps up and runs inside before shutting his door loudly enough that it echoes into your vehicle. He could be an eye witness – but he just fled instead of reporting what he saw. Where did he go? Does he know more than we think?

Part 3 – Suspects and Motives

In this post, we will explore the motives and suspects in the case of Mary Lynn Witherspoon.
Mary’s husband – He had a history of violence against her, but he was never convicted for abuse. There is a theory that he was involved with her disappearance because she was going to get a restraining order against him. His response to being questioned about her disappearance was that he did not know where she was or what happened to her. He has never been charged with any crime related to this investigation.
Keith – A coworker of Mary’s who also wanted to go out on a date with her but then backed off when she said no due to his feelings for her best friend.

Part 4 – Clues, Comments, and Stories

If you’re a Crime Junkie like I am, then you’ll be disappointed to hear that the beloved crime blogger, Mary Lynn Witherspoon, was killed and we may never know who murdered her. She disappeared while on vacation in Croatia. Her family and friends grew more worried when she didn’t post anything on social media for four days.

Police found her lifeless body dumped by a beach near Dubrovnik and have no clues as to who committed this act of murder. Despite these sad circumstances, Mary’s life will live on through her writing because it seems that many things about her life still need to be disclosed in future posts. This is why I believe the memorial service will last for a little while since there is no conclusion yet to what needs to be talked about.

Part 5 – Update (December 2018)

In October of 2018, Mary Lynn Witherspoon was murdered in her home. She was found by her son who had been staying with her for the weekend. He arrived at their home at 6 pm on Saturday evening to find her body on the floor of the living room, covered in blood from a gunshot wound. Although there were no signs of forced entry into the house, investigators found evidence that someone may have used a ladder to enter through an open window.
There were no signs of forced entry and investigators believe that whoever killed Mary may have used a ladder to climb through an open window.
Investigators do not know why she was targeted and they are continuing their investigation as they await DNA testing results which should hopefully be available next week.

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