Display Free Facebook Events on Your Website

The truth is that people love free things because they are emotional creatures. Businesses must understand how to make freebies work for them.

You get a free product such as a webinar hosted on Facebook.

Low expectations. It’s free! ); and,

I’ll give it a try. Neutral perceptions “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

This is good news for your business. A neutral perception of your brand can be changed if it is perceived as valuable by your customers through your free Facebook webinar.

Are you a coffee shop? Register for a webinar on the health benefits of coffee for the body.

Are you able to offer a digital service for small businesses? Your webinar will discuss how your product has helped other businesses reach their goals.

What is the role of travel professionals? A free Facebook webinar can be done on “20 Free Things You Can Do in Korea” and “How to Spend $10/Day in Korea”.

How can you make your event stand out among the rest? Your free Facebook event can be displayed on your website click here.

This plugin is the best! This plugin is easy for beginners since you don’t have to know any code to modify and display your Facebook feed.

You can find the step-by-step tutorial on how to display a Facebook event calendar on your site.

Facebook Live for Your Benefit

Live broadcasting on Facebook is a great way to increase likes for your business page.

Why? Why? Because live videos trigger conversations, even though Facebook’s average brand engagement fell by 20%.

Facebook claims that live videos receive 6x more interactions than regular videos. They are more likely to appear in people’s newsfeeds. This allows friends and family to discover your brand, potentially engaging with you.

Go to your page, and click on Live. Follow the instructions on the screen to broadcast live videos from your business pages.

Your Facebook followers and fans will be notified when you make live videos. It’s almost like Facebook is already helping you to promote it!

You can also increase the relevancy of your Facebook videos by having them displayed on your website. Your website visitors will be able to find your Facebook page, interact with the visual content, and “like” it because they found value.

Run relevant contests or giveaways

81% of marketers believe contests better grab their audience’s attention.

You can also increase brand engagement by running a giveaway on Facebook.

Raffle Press is the best WordPress giveaway plugin. Raffle Press makes it easy to use the Grow Your Facebook Page template for a Facebook giveaway.

Engage more by asking questions

Did you know that Facebook posts with questions have a 162% increase in interaction compared to posts that don’t ask questions?

Asking fans questions is a quick and simple way to increase fan engagement.

WP Beginner, for example, does an excellent job asking its fans about their first experiences with website design.

Convert “Post Likers” into “Page Fans”

Another way to increase likes on your Facebook page is to invite people who have reacted to your posts before to do so. Invite people to like your Facebook page who have already reacted to your posts.

You know that if your posts are liked, they have a greater chance of liking your page.

This is also super simple! Click the reaction button on your post read more.

This will bring up the names and links of people who have liked your post but have not yet liked your page. How do you find out? Find anyone with an Invite button next to their name. Click on Invite to invite them to like your Facebook Page.

Make a Facebook Group

You can also create a Facebook Group to increase likes for your Facebook Business Page. Over 1.4 billion people use groups.

You must build trust and a relationship with your group members to do this successfully. Help them deal with their problems and struggles.

Once you have established trust with your group, asking them to like your Facebook page will be easy. This article will show you how to embed your Facebook group feed onto your WordPress.

There you go!

These Facebook page marketing hacks will help you grow your fan base and improve your business in the long term.

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