Google Reviews Marketing Techniques You Should Follow

One of the most crucial things for a business is to collect honest reviews and feedback. According to a survey by TrustPilot, 89% of users read online reviews before buying the product. As a result, your business reputation, SEO, site traffic, sales, and more can all be enhanced simply by obtaining more favorable reviews. 

Fortunately, these reviews can be used as effective marketing techniques as well. However, many brands and businesses are still unsure how to use Google Reviews as a marketing technique. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the marketing techniques of Google reviews.

5 Ways To Incorporate Google Reviews Into Your Marketing Strategies

When it comes to Google Reviews, there are so many ways to incorporate them into your marketing techniques. Some of the best ways are mentioned below. We hope that by the end of this blog, you will surely use them in your marketing strategies. 

#1 Offer a wonderful customer experience

There is no substitute for great customer service. However, when you provide a service, make sure it is worth discussing. 

Usually, those who feel obliged to submit a Google review fall into two categories: those who had a poor experience and those who had a wonderful one. Of course, you won’t get many reviews if you provide mediocre service. Therefore, ensure that your company’s products, customer service agents, and overall service are excellent to promote reviews. In addition, make sure to optimize the user experience design of your website if you are an online brand. 

Once the service is done, Simply request reviews of your company from your audience by placing calls to action on your website, in-person, on social media, and elsewhere. Provide links to the review website to make it simple. 

#2 Ask Reviews from Email Subscribers

If you have a business, it is highly professional to have an email list. It will enable you to constantly touch your readers and target customers. You can also target your email list anytime. For example, there might be chances that lots of past customers likely had a great experience with your business but never bothered to leave a review. Try to reach out to them through email and ask if they’ll provide one now.

#3 Showcase Your Google Reviews On Website 

It is not a secret that Google is loved and trusted by all. You display Google Reviews on your website makes your business even more credible. It is because customers love to see the social proof of your business. It shortens the time of purchase-making decisions. 

Any social media aggregator tool can be used to show the Google reviews on a website. You can also personalize the Google Review Widget with these tools. However, it implies that you can modify the widget’s overall design and structure. 

For example, when you use such tools, you can customize the layout and template of your widget according to your brand image. 

The nicest thing about adopting such technologies is that managing them does not need hiring a developer. You can also remove the Google Reviews you do not want to showcase on your website. It helps you to show the best version of your website online. 

#4 Collaborate With Influencers 

Collaborating with influencers opens the door to exposure for your business. Influencers are the celebrity of their niche. Influencers are the bridge between your business and your target audience and customers. 

Before collaborating with any influencer, make sure they belong to your niche. It helps you to acquire even more customers. Your influencer must be fully aware of the products or services they promote. In any other scenario, it degrades the brand image of both parties. 

#5 Respond To Google Reviews

The bad news is you will not get reviews if you do not respond to the existing ones. But, once you have reviews on your business, you are bound to reply to that reviews. Customers love to see that they are being heard and valued. It helps you to create a review cycle for your business.

Moreover, it is important that you treat negative and positive reviews alike. When you respond to negative reviews, it portrays you as responsible in front of your customers. Thus forming brand loyalty. 

How To Embed Google Reviews On Website ?

You can use any social media aggregator tool to embed Google Review Widget on HTML, Shopify, WordPress, Wix or any website platform. These tools are easy to operate and affordable at the same time. The best part about such tools is that you can customize the entire Google review widget according to your brand taste. It means you can customize the themes and templates of the widget without having to do much. Hence, you can make the widget aesthetic similar to your website.  

Wrapping Up

Google reviews are a calculative and smart way to show your business as a reputable one. Reviews can shorten the time for decision-making of your customers. It will also help you to highlight the positive aspects of your business effortlessly. 

An interactive review widget on your website helps the customers to perceive your business as approachable and friendly. It will also promote brand loyalty. 

So don’t wait to embed Google Reviews on your website and see your business grow.

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