Solcyber Series Capitalwiggersventurebeat

SolCyber, which emerged from solcyber series capitalwiggersventurebeat stealth with $20 million in Series A funding, is one of the first MSSPs to receive venture funding, a sign of a company’s confidence in the potential of this growing market. Its unique offering combines a ready-made curated technology stack and MSSP Offering to help mid-market firms move from a defensive posture to a more secure one.

SolCyber 20m series’s security posture

Increasing cybersecurity posture is a growing concern for companies today. Fortunately, SolCyber is here to help. The company’s curated technology stack includes endpoint with EDR capabilities, lateral movement detection, advanced email security, and active directory protection. This integrated MSSP offering enables organizations to scale security in response to changing threats.

SolCyber’s 20m series includes several cybersecurity products that will protect companies against breaches and cyberattacks. The product suite will help businesses protect data on endpoints and email, protect Active Directory, and defend against administrative exploitation. It also comes with a security operations center that provides 365-day log retention and 24-hour monitoring.

Solcyber Series Capitalwiggersventurebeat

The company claims that this technology will reduce cybersecurity risk and complexity. The company claims it is disrupting the status quo by combining enterprise security tools and services into a streamlined, easy-to-use service. The company has already won the business of one of the largest business groups in the Dominican Republic. SolCyber has also raised early-stage venture capital and participated in the ForgePoint incubator program.

The company plans to use the funds to expand its network of broker partners and further develop its product features. The company aims to improve cybersecurity posture for mid-sized and small businesses and grow its team. The solution is a curated stack of enterprise-grade security tools and streamlined security services that solves the pain points of cybersecurity for small and mid-sized businesses.

Solcyber Series Capitalwiggersventurebeat

Cybercriminals aren’t discriminating – regardless of the size or industry – they use the same advanced techniques to compromise a company. And since mid-sized companies often lack resources and funds, a solution like SolCyber can help them overcome the modern threats.

SolCyber has received $20 million in Series A funding from ForgePoint Capital. The funding will allow SolCyber to expand its technology and product offerings and drive customer growth and market awareness. In the coming years, it will also continue its aggressive hiring strategy to add highly skilled cybersecurity experts to its team.

SolCyber’s product suite will focus on email security, endpoint security, and prevention of Active Directory abuse and exploitation. It will also include security training, security consulting, and security operations center capabilities to help businesses manage their cybersecurity risk. The company is poised for rapid growth in the cybersecurity market.

Its technological stack

SolCyber is a company focused on cybersecurity. It raised $20 million in series A financing. This funding will be used to improve its products and expand its marketing efforts. It also hopes to use the funding to develop new security technologies to combat cyberattacks. It has one client so far, the Rizek Group, one of the largest business groups in the Dominican Republic.

SolCyber is a managed security service provider. It has raised $20 million in Series A funding led by ForgePoint Capital. The company will use the funds to expand its technology offerings, increase market awareness, and accelerate customer growth. The funding will also help SolCyber expand its team. The company aims to become a leading MSSP by offering a scalable security solution.

Its plans to expand its staff to 20 by the end of the year

Cybereason, a cybersecurity company, currently employs twelve people and plans to double this number by the end of the year. The company is targeting the information security market, which is projected to exceed $170 billion by 2022. The company plans to take advantage of the increasing incidence of cyber-crime, which is creating a massive tailwind for the industry. Cybereason’s technology stack includes email security, protection against Active Directory abuse, admin exploitation prevention, and security training. Despite its rapid growth, the company is still struggling to generate revenue.

The company currently employs 12 people and plans to grow its staff to 20 by the end of the fiscal year. The startup plans to take on the information security market, which is predicted to reach $170.4 billion by 2022. This growth is being fueled by a variety of factors, including the rise of the pandemic and cloud capabilities. Its team members have diverse skill sets. These solcyber series capitalwiggersventurebeat professionals include Charles Ho and Scott McCrady, who are both product managers.

Solcyber Series Capitalwiggersventurebeat

The company will use the funds to further develop its products and grow its business. The new funding will also go towards its go-to-market efforts. With the new capital, SolCyber plans to expand its team to 20 people by the end of the year.

A recent series A funding round of $20 million will help the startup expand its staff. The new funds will be used to expand its product line, expand its sales team, and improve marketing and customer acquisition strategies. As cybersecurity costs continue to rise, the solcyber series capitalwiggersventurebeat company will be well-positioned for continued growth. The company plans to hire as many people as possible, and is already looking for new opportunities in the information security market.

Cybersecurity attacks don’t discriminate between small and large companies. They solcyber series capitalwiggersventurebeat use the same advanced techniques to penetrate companies of all sizes. Even mid-sized companies often lack the resources and budget to implement cybersecurity solutions, making SolCyber an ideal option for them.

After successfully raising $20 million in Series A financing from ForgePoint Capital, SolCyber plans to expand its product line, expand its customer base, accelerate its go-to-market efforts, and hire additional employees. The fund’s primary investor is ForgePoint Capital, a respected investor in the online protection sector. The fund has added ten cybersecurity organizations to its portfolio, including SolCyber.

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