How to add HTML sitemap page to WordPress

If you write a WordPress blog. So you should create Html sitemap in your website or blog. Because having a site map page, it would be easy for the visitor to see all the posts together. And they can read all your articles by looking at them.


There are many benefits to the blog by applying such a site map. If you use adsense. So for seo also you can create site map page in blog or website.


What is html sitemap?

A site map is like a folder. It contains a list of many posts. After this list is submitted to Google through the sitemap, your article shows up in the search engine quickly. This also makes it easier to find Google.


How to set up a site map page in WordPress?


Step 1


To create HTML sitemap page in WordPress blog, first you have to activate it by installing hierarchical plugin. These plugins are absolutely free on wordpress. For this, install this plugin by going to WordPress dashboard and clicking on plugins > add new. See in the image below to install this kind of plugin.


Step 2


Now a page has to be created. For this, go to WordPress dashboard and click on pages > add new. For this you can follow the image.

  1. Here you have to write the title of the page. You can write sytmap.
  2. The following code has to be pasted in the content box.
  3. Click on publish button.


Now html sitemap page has been created in your blog or website. Open the blog once and see. In this way a site map page can be created.


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