Home Inspection Services in Delta: 5 Tips to Choosing the Right One

The wrong Home Inspector could cost you more than the fees you paid. You are likely to make a mistake if you only consider the price of a home inspector.

It amazes me how many people will spend hours, days, and months searching for the perfect home to choose a home inspector because he is $50 or $100 cheaper than the next guy. Record numbers of home inspector schools are producing new inspectors. They come from all walks and backgrounds. They can be a door greeter in a department store one week and a home inspector the next.Read also about:vinyl flooring Dubai

There are some things that you should know before choosing an inspector Home Inspection Services in Delta.

Tip #1 – Continue to research. Learn as much information as possible about the inspector you are considering hiring. Talk to them by phone. Are they easy to communicate with? Are they familiar with homes? Are they willing to email me a sample report? Is it easy to understand and read?

Your coworkers and friends may be able to refer you. But don’t trust their recommendations. Most people don’t know if they were given a thorough inspection. Most people know that they liked the inspector and that he pointed out some things. Research, research, research!


Tip #2 – Do not hire an inspector based on the recommendation from your Real Estate Agent. Although you might think your agent is a star, they may be trying to get you to hire a “wink-and-nod” inspector or, as the business calls them, “Drive by Inspections.” As they drive past the house, they grab your check. These inspectors are “not a deal killer” and “don’t rock your boat”.Read also about:vinyl flooring in dubai

Agents who manage them are the ones who get these inspectors’ business. Agents know that inspectors will ensure inspections do not stall the transaction. It doesn’t matter if your agent recommends more than one inspector. Instead, avoid conflicts of interest by finding an inspector who is only for you.


Tip #3 why “Certified” may not be a good idea. Listen up. Send a few hundred dollars to any of the many home inspection organizations, and you can become a certified home inspector. There is no need to have any experience. Send them the money, and they will send you a certificate.

It’s a good idea that your inspector is a member of a state or national association for home inspectors. Industry associations are the most critical industry associations for professionals in any field. Home inspectors are no different. Many companies are looking to make a quick buck from new home inspectors. Do not fall for the “Master Certified” or “Certified” home inspector labels. Some of these organizations use “Certified” in their names to sound more credible. Beware.

You should look for a Code “Certified” inspector if you are looking for an inspector for new construction.

ASHI membership requires strict criteria, including passing the National Home Inspector Examination. Similar requirements are for NAHI.


Tip 4: You get exactly what you pay. When shopping for an inspector, price should not be your top priority. An inspector who is thorough, knowledgeable and trustworthy will save you money. A poor inspector will end up costing you many times the fee. You may need the $100 you saved to repair the $10,000 roof that your inspector did not warn you about.

Let’s say that you have a 2000-square-foot home. For this home, a top-of-the-line inspector will charge you between $350 and $600, depending on several variables. Ask yourself why the inspector you choose is charging less. What is going to be left out or missed during the inspection?

A good inspector will spot things that others miss. It may be worth talking to the Seller to renegotiate your home’s price. Because of what I found wrong with the houses, Sellers have dropped their prices by $30,000. My Clients have saved thousands of dollars by having major defects brought to my attention before they sign on the dotted lines.

Tip #5 – Find out if your state requires home inspectors to be licensed. Home inspectors are being required to be licensed in more states. Some inspectors don’t meet these standards and may be performing illegal inspections. Before you hire them, make sure to verify their qualifications.

When buying a house, finding the right Home Inspector is crucial. Please do not leave it up to chance. You can make money if you do your research.


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