Monkey Holding a Box

Make a Monkey Holding a Box

monkey holding a box

Make a stuffed monkey holding a box by using construction paper and straw. Use glue to hold the pieces together once they are dry. Add heart shapes or wooden spoon handles to make the monkey’s hands. Sew a rectangle of white felt to form the monkey’s tail, and sew a second rectangle to one end of the box for his body.

Stuffed animal monkey with hook and loop fastener hands

If you’re looking for a fun stuffed animal monkey, look no further than this one. It has hook and loop fasteners on its hands and feet and a baby hanging from its neck. It is the perfect companion to any child and is 16″ tall, with a 10″ sitting height.

Bearington teddy bear company

The Bearington teddy bear company has been around since 1997. This award-winning company makes beautiful teddy bears made of plush materials. The company’s Swings monkey is a brown plush monkey that makes a wonderful gift for a child. This bear is 15 inches tall and has a soft body that makes it comfortable for small children to hug. Bearington has won more design awards than any other teddy bear company.

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Creating a monkey holding a box

Monkeys have a unique twisting ability, and the assembly of repeating units is the perfect way to model this. Monkey assemblies mimic the shapes of biologically important structures and are especially popular in south Asian countries. These crafts are easy to create and can make an excellent gift for a child’s birthday.

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