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LARQ Movement Water Bottle

LARQ Movement Water Bottle Review

larq movement water bottle

If you are looking for a water bottle that is self-cleaning, you’ve come to the right place. The LARQ Movement Water Bottle utilizes PureVis technology to clean the water in an efficient 20-second cycle. Its purification process can eliminate up to 99%* of bio-contaminants, including E. coli, in one of the first water bottles to achieve this feat.

UV-C LED light

If you’re looking for a water bottle that kills bacteria and viruses, the UV-C LED light on the LARQ movement water bottle may be the right choice for you. This technology uses ultraviolet light to destroy DNA in a way that is safe for humans. UV light has been used for centuries to purify water, and in places where electricity is unavailable, sunlight is used as a purifying agent.

The UV-C LED light on the LARQ movement water bottle sterilises water within 60 seconds. It uses 280 nanometer UV light, which is ideal for killing germs. The bottle itself is made of matte-finish silicone. Its buttons are soft-touch and can be pressed for double-tap activation.

The LARQ movement water bottle runs up to a month on a single charge. It recharges via MicroUSB. When it runs out of battery, it automatically enters a “safe” mode. It will run in this mode for 60 seconds every two hours. The bottle also knows when the cap is on and will not run the UVC light until the cap is closed.

Another feature that the LARQ movement water bottle has over its competitors is its UV-C LED technology. This technology is safer and lasts for at least four times longer than a mercury-based purification system. Moreover, UV-C LEDs are non-toxic.

The UV-C LED light on the LARQ movement water bottle is a sterilising light that kills bacteria and viruses in water. In addition, the bottle is waterproof, and can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes without any problems. This water bottle is not suitable for dishwashers, microwaves, or freezers, but it can be cleaned using warm water and soap.

The LARQ movement water bottle is light enough to fit in your pocket without sacrificing its functionality. Its UV-C LED light is backed by a failsafe system that prevents it from shining when the lid is off. This prevents eye damage from UV light. Besides, the bottle also features an orange light that indicates that the UV light is fully charged.

Another benefit of the UV-C LED light on the LARQ movement water bottle is that it can be charged via the USB port in its lid. The charging process usually takes about an hour, and a single charge can last up to a month or two under normal usage.

Lithium-Polymer battery

LARQ’s Lithium-Polymer battery is easy to charge with a USB cable. A full charge takes about an hour and the bottle can last up to a month in the Normal or Adventure modes. It also includes a redesigned drinking interface. The rim of the water bottle is now more comfortable for drinking.

LARQ’s cap is IPX7-rated to protect it from splashes. The purification button is waterproof and can be locked to prevent accidental purification cycles. It can also be placed in the dishwasher to clean. To keep it clean, it’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight. The bottle’s body is made of polished stainless steel and a single-wall construction.

In addition to ensuring that your water is safe to drink, the LARQ Movement bottle also sterilizes its contents. Using UV-C LED technology, it kills bacteria and viruses instantly. This technology is similar to that used in hospitals and emergency rooms to sterilize equipment. It works by breaking down harmful bacteria’s DNA and RNA. In addition, LARQ’s sleek shell is free of BPA and plastic.

Compared to bottled water, LARQ’s water bottle is ten thousand times hygienic. It can also save up to a thousand dollars each year. And the bottle can last for up to a month. It is also great for travel and will keep your water cold or hot. Unlike other bottles, the LARQ Water Bottle does not have a smell.

LARQ’s innovative design makes drinking water much easier. Its streamlined shape is more convenient for commuting, while its UV-C LED lights will help keep your water safe. It’s light and durable, with its interchangeable silicone sleeve.


The LARQ movement water bottle is equipped with a built-in UV-C light that disinfects the water and prevents bacteria from growing. It is also compatible with a USB port to charge. It also features Bluetooth and NFC technology, which allows it to connect with a phone. The bottle also comes with a protective silicone sleeve that makes it easy to clean.

This insulated water bottle keeps your drink at the proper temperature and lasts a long time. It is also a great travel companion. The lid locks when not in use and has a soft-touch button. The lid also includes a LED light that blinks green while charging and becomes a steady green light when it is fully charged. The water bottle also features a replacement silicone sleeve.

The LARQ Movement water bottle also has a failsafe system to protect you from UV rays. It has an electronic lid that automatically turns off when the bottle is not in use, preventing the UV light from causing damage to your eyes. And It is water-resistant and can be packed into a small backpack or travel bag.

It is lightweight and comfortable to carry. Moreover, it features a built-in purifier that uses UV-C technology to disinfect water within 60 seconds. It also cleans the bottle. The sleek, matte finish bottle is tall and features a silicone sleeve for added protection. It is a great option for backpacking and international travel.

The LARQ bottle also comes with a premium food-grade silicone sleeve. The sleeve reduces the chances of the bottle slipping out of your hands. It also protects the bottle from damage and insulates your hands from cold liquids.


The LARQ movement water bottle combines innovative LED technology with sleek, minimalist design to create a clean and neutral tasting bottle of water. This bottle is ideal for people who are concerned with the health of their bodies and the environment. Its clean water is safe to drink and does not contain any harmful chemicals or bacteria. The bottle also features an elegant shape, without moving parts or filters.

The LARQ bottle’s proprietary UV-C LED technology zaps 99% of bacteria and viruses. By killing these organisms, water is kept fresh for a longer period of time. This technology is built into the bottle’s cap and can even help keep dirty water sterile.

The LARQ Movement has a slim design with a comfortable grip. The bottle is lightweight and has a small footprint, making it ideal for travel. The bottle is also equipped with a UVC LED purifying cap. It also has a button for sterilising water.

The LARQ Movement water bottle comes in two different sizes, the small version is available for $78 while the larger one has a 710ml/32 oz liquid capacity. You can purchase the bottle online. A personalized LARQ Movement bottle is a great gift for any person who enjoys being on the go. The bottle can be personalized with the LARQ logo and up to 10 letters and numbers.

Another unique feature of the LARQ movement water bottle is its ability to keep liquids fresh and cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. The double-walled and vacuum-sealed design allows it to maintain a temperature of eight degrees Celsius and maintain the same temperature for up to 12 hours.

The LARQ Movement water bottle has a built-in lithium-polymer battery that lasts about two months in the normal mode. The bottle’s lid contains a LED indicator that turns green when the battery is charging. When the battery is fully charged, the LED becomes a steady green light.

The LARQ Movement is an award-winning self-cleaning water bottle that offers clean, purified water. It is perfect for backcountry camping and cycling trips. The bottle also has a silicone sleeve that protects it from scratches and protects it from damage.

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