James Murray’s Wife Melyssa Davies – An Insider’s Look

Love it or hate it, Bachelor in Paradise fans can’t stop talking about the relationship between James Murray and Melyssa Davies on the popular ABC reality show this summer. James is known for being very honest and outspoken, so it’s no surprise that he spilled all the details when he was asked about Melyssa during his After Paradise interview on Monday night. So who exactly is James Murray’s wife Melyssa? Here’s what you need to know! You can check out the official recap of After Paradise here.

So who exactly is James’ wife, Melyssa Davies?

When James Murray of the BBC announced his marriage to Melyssa Davies, the co-founder of Babyccino Kids, everyone wanted to know more about her. After all, with a joint net worth of over $25 million, it’s safe to say that she is one successful businesswoman. So who exactly is James’ wife, Melyssa Davies?
Melyssa was born in 1974 and grew up in North London. She attended Headington School then went on to study at Oxford Brookes University before gaining a degree in fashion design from Ravensbourne College in Kent. It seems that she always had an eye for clothes as one of her first jobs was working for Selfridges department store as a buyer for their children’s wear section.

How did they meet?

Melyssa Davies, who is the wife of James Murray, is a popular Instagram model. The couple met in a nightclub in London. However, it was not love at first sight as they did not hit it off at first. But after spending some time together, they realized that they were perfect for each other and decided to get married. It was a small ceremony with only their parents present. They have been married now for five years and are blessed with two kids, one boy and one girl.

What did they do before the show started?

Melyssa Davies is an American stylist and designer. She has been the stylist for James Murray since before the show started. Together they have found their own niche in the world of fashion.
Prior to the show, she worked as a stylist for many high-end fashion lines like Missoni, Prada and Rochas. She was heavily involved in styling many celebrities including Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Drew Barrymore.

Where did they go on their first date?

Murray and his wife, Melyssa Davies, first met in 2006 when they were both competing in the show America’s Next Top Model. After the show wrapped, they reconnected and started dating. The couple was engaged on July 31, 2012 and married on July 27, 2013 at the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene in Montecito, California. They currently reside in Los Angeles with their two dogs.
Melyssa Davies is a model that has worked for Neiman Marcus since she was 18 years old. She represented several companies including Chanel, Armani Exchange, Levi’s and Steven by Steve Madden to name a few. As a teenager she modeled as much as four days per week, but after appearing on Americas Next Top Model her schedule became more demanding.
Since being married to James Murray, Melyssa Davies had to take time off modeling because her schedule became less flexible due to filming James’s reality TV series 90 Day Fiance.

Do they have kids together yet?

Melyssa Davies, James’ wife, is an architect. After graduating from Notre Dame in 2012, she moved to San Francisco and found her first job as a project manager for a tech company. But she soon realized that wasn’t the right path for her and quit to start her own design firm called MDA Design + Build with two friends.
When they announced their engagement in November of 2017, James said it was the happiest day of my life. They’ve been dating since June 2016, so he proposed after just one year! We were looking at rings, he says, and I was like, you know what? Let’s do this. It sounds like she had the same feeling about him because she took his last name when they got married in March 2018.

Has she ever been on Survivor in her own right?

Melyssa Davies (nee Lawson) is the wife of Survivor icon, James JT Thomas. She does not have a very public career outside of being JT’s supportive wife. What we do know is that she was born in 1976 to English parents and raised in London. After high school, she attended business college where she graduated with an accountancy degree. With her degree in hand, Melyssa moved to Australia and fell madly in love with James while he was working as an electrician on a home renovations project that she had gotten contract to. They quickly married and then, for their honeymoon in Fiji, James convinced her to go on his first season of Survivor.
She did not make it far because they were voted out before tribal council after being split up due to the two tribes coming together at the merge. But she did come back for Heroes vs Villains where again they were eliminated early due to a blindside orchestrated by Russell Hantz.
It has been said that if James were ever voted out early from future seasons of Survivor that Melyssa would quit her accounting job and travel with him instead. That seems like a real possibility given how close they are even now more than 10 years after they met each other.
James Murray has been married since 1999

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