Justice For Michelle Mockbee : David Dooley Found Guilty Of Murder

After being found guilty of killing Michelle Mockbee, David Dooley was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. Michelle’s family felt the sentence was not harsh enough, and they plan to appeal to ensure that this man never gets out of prison and hurts another woman again.

Pre-trial hearings

Michelle Mockbee was an innocent woman who was shot and killed by David Dooley. Mr. Dooley pleaded not guilty to the charges of murder, and testified that he acted in self-defense. Mrs. Mockbee’s body had five bullet wounds from a .40 caliber handgun and a .22 caliber rifle when she died, with the majority of the gunshots coming from the rifle.
While Mr. Dooles’ attorney argued that his client acted in self-defense, it is difficult to believe this considering Mrs. Mockbee’s death came after only one call to 911. There were no other signs of struggle or damage inside the home either. With only one shot fired before Mrs. Mockbee died, it is safe to say that this act cannot be considered self-defense – there was clearly no threat on his life at all!
In my opinion, what makes matters worse is the fact that Mr. Dooley could have just left instead of killing Michelle Mockbee, but didn’t! He took her life simply because he wanted revenge on her husband for refusing him entry into their house earlier in the evening!
Thankfully though justice has been served as Mr. Dooley has been found guilty of murder and will spend 25 years behind bars as a result.

The Verdict

David Dooley was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Mockbee. He had pleaded not guilty to the crime, but a jury deliberated for less than four hours before convicting him. The conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole. He will be sentenced on September 10th.
There is no death penalty in Georgia, so even if he were found guilty of killing two people instead of one, he would only receive two life sentences instead of one with a death penalty and one with parole. Michelle’s murder was planned and intentional, prosecutor Ken Mauldin said during closing arguments last week. This defendant just can’t live without her.

Letters in support of Dooley

I am writing to show my support for Michelle Mockbee’s killer, David Dooley. I know that it sounds crazy, but I believe in the saying two wrongs don’t make a right. When he was found guilty of her death, it didn’t feel like justice had been done because she killed someone in self-defense. He is an old man who is just trying to live out his last years on this Earth in peace.
Michelle deserved to be happy and have a good life too, but she was trying to kill him and he defended himself! We are all human beings who deserve mercy and forgiveness. Michelle Mockbee made mistakes in her life, but they were never so bad as to warrant murder.

Letters in support of Mockbee

I am writing to express my support for Michelle Mockbee and her family. Recently, the police arrested and charged a man with her murder. I believe that justice has been served. She will never be forgotten by those who loved her. In loving memory of Michelle Mockbee -On September 4, 2014, Ms. Mockbee was assaulted in her apartment and died from blunt force trauma as a result of that assault on September 5th 2014 .
Witnesses stated seeing two young men assaulting Ms. Mockbee shortly before she died. Later identified as Mr. David Dooley Jr., 18 years old at the time of arrest, had seen walking out of said apartment shortly after said assault took place and when approached by officers confessed not only to assaulting Ms.Mockabee but also his accomplice (the other suspect) did not flee; he remained on scene.

Letters of Resentencing

I am writing to you on behalf of the family of Michelle Mockbee, who was murdered by David Dooley. We are asking that you review Mr. Dooley’s sentence and give him a harsher punishment for his crimes.
#1: He went into our house, armed with a gun and knocked on the door.
#2: When my sister answered the door he pulled out his gun and tried to shoot her but missed, she was able
#3: To run from him and warn me in time before he could do anything more than point his gun at us
#4: The justice system has failed us because it will not punish him for what he has done to our family
#5: Mr. Dooley deserves to be punished with the full extent of the law as he has taken away something so precious to us

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