Pat Sajak Black Grandchildren Can Teach Us About Racism in America

Pat Sajak Black Grandchildren -Pat Sajak, the longtime host of Wheel of Fortune, once hosted a game show called Family Feud where he famously gave out prizes to contestants who could guess popular answers to questions posed by survey takers around America. He would often say things like there are no wrong answers or let’s keep this going all day long and the like, giving the impression that he was genuinely interested in what the answers were, regardless of how off-the-wall they might be.

Lesson #1: White People Have Prejudices Too

Pat Sajak’s black grandchildren teach us that racism is an issue white people have too. It is important to realize that because of our white privilege, some whites will say they don’t have prejudices when they may have a lot of preconceived notions about others based on race and culture. That is why we need to educate ourselves on not only the white privilege but also the prejudices and stereotypes that come with being a minority.
We Need to Stop Assuming (five sentences)
When thinking about Pat Sajak’s black grandkids, it’s important to stop assuming what we think we know about different races and ethnicities before considering all the evidence.

Lesson #2: Every Race Has Both Good and Bad People

He then goes on to say that they’ll never have a chance to turn out like normal blacks because of how poorly their mother has raised them. But I see that as a pat Sajak black grandchildren, from racism.
Pat is too focused on an idea of normalization that does not account for the best parts about being black and instead preaches about what blacks should do or be more like.
On this matter, I agree with Conor–some black people may want to better themselves for reasons other than thinking there’s something wrong with being black or thinking that it would make them appear better than others in society.

Lesson #3: Awareness Is the First Step to Change

The Pat Sajak black grandchildren case, thankfully, teaches us one lesson: we can’t solve racism without understanding it. We must not only learn about it and what it does to the victims of racism and their families, but we must also be mindful of how to identify its presence. If nothing else comes from this situation with Pat Sajak’s family and that actress on Wheel of Fortune, I hope that there is an increased awareness around these issues.
This is where change begins — by first acknowledging what’s wrong and then deciding to do something about it.

Lesson #4: Self-Awareness Leads to Greater Understanding

Self-awareness is not just for introverts, it’s for everyone. It’s about understanding who we are and what makes us the person we are. Pat Sajak’s black grandchildren can teach us that even if one person is different from another, they still deserve to be loved and respected.
We need to make a conscious effort to live by this motto each day and hopefully make the world a better place. Pat Sajak’s black grandchildren can show us how important it is to love those around you no matter their background, but also helps remind us of our own biases and privilege as Americans.

Lesson #5: We Are Responsible for Our Actions

It is not the grandparent’s fault they would prefer to be more of one race. Many ethnicities have fallen prey to this country’s racist ills and blended themselves to please white people. It is not their fault that society has told them black blood makes them inferior. So, for all the grandparents out there who are claiming, I don’t understand racism!
Maybe these pat Sajak black grandchildren can help you see things a little differently! You may just think it was the other guy or gal’s problem but you were just making it yours too. Now is the time for change but only we can change what we know and let go of what we believed so long ago. Let’s show our love and support by learning from one another how we got here.

Bonus lesson from Bill Cosby’s Playboy Interview

The problem we’ve got here is not knowing that we don’t know. A lot of people who write about black people and white people don’t know what they’re talking about. Blacks have been selling to whites since before the Civil War — that’s why so many black grandkids come to me with pat Sajak’s black grandchildren.
When you sell from a position of strength and knowledge, nobody has any time for games because you’ve got them beat. So the little kids who go, Hey! Pat Sajak’s black grandchildren! are just playing a game with me. And so are the parents: Do this, but not this! There’s a reason I say it — or is there?

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