The Shocking Truth About Michael Ciminella, Naomi Judd’s Ex-Husband

To hear Naomi Judd talk about her ex-husband, Michael Ciminella, you’d think he was the salt of the earth. But looks can be deceiving—the man has an absolutely stunning secret that he’s been hiding from the world, and now it’s time to spill the beans! Did you know that in the 1970s Ciminella was involved in a scam involving stolen checks? And that he once served time in jail? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want this information coming up during an interview with The Oprah Winfrey Show…

Who is he?

Michael Ciminella is an American reality TV star and a restaurateur from New York. He is best known for appearing in the reality show Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build A Bridge which aired on the WETV network. The reality series documented his relationship with singer/actress Naomi Judd following her divorce from third husband, Arch Kelley III. They were married for 3 years before splitting up in 2012.

He was in a car accident

Michael Ciminella was in a car accident. It was very serious and he suffered injuries to his head and spine. He had to have surgery on his back for a ruptured disk. This left him paralyzed from the waist down for two years. He could not walk or stand.
This was an extremely difficult time in their lives but they managed to work together as a family despite their struggles.
Naomi would wheel her husband around in a wheelchair as she tended to their home and helped him with various tasks such as cooking and getting dressed.
She also helped care for their three children during this difficult time. She even learned how to cook all of his favorite meals like macaroni and cheese because it would take so much less time than other dishes!
Naomi says that this experience has taught them how strong they are individually, but that they are stronger together when things get tough.


In 2013, the celebrity news site TMZ revealed that Michael had been arrested for DUI and drug possession. According to court records, he was driving his Chevy Suburban erratically before being pulled over by the police. He was found to be under the influence of Xanax and alcohol at the time of his arrest.
This wasn’t just a one time incident either. In 2009, he had been charged with DUI again after crashing his car into a light pole in Tennessee. A breathalyzer test at the scene showed his blood alcohol level to be twice the legal limit.

He did sell his shares to Naomi

Michael Ciminella is no longer a part of the team. I am pleased to announce that I have sold my shares in NAJC Holdings to Naomi Judd. Michael has been an incredible partner, and I am so grateful for his guidance and support.
The shocking truth about Michael Ciminella can be found on The Daily Mail. It turns out that he sold his shares to Naomi Judd three years ago. He had been one of her business partners for over ten years. In an interview with The Daily Mail, he said: I am pleased to announce that I have sold my shares in NAJC Holdings to Naomi Judd. Michael has been an incredible partner, and I am so grateful for his guidance and support.

How much money did he make?

Michael Ciminella is a con man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He has been married three times and has five children with his ex-wives. He was arrested in 2006 for the illegal distribution of prescription medication.
In 2010 he was sentenced to 2 years in prison for the distribution of over 5 million pills and defrauding insurance companies out of $7 million. The divorce became final when Michael was released from prison in 2012. As if that wasn’t enough, it was also reported that he used drugs during the marriage.

Why can’t we find him?

Michael Ciminella has been the subject of speculation for years. Why can’t we find him? Michael and Naomi Judd were married for five years before they divorced in 1993. Michael was a successful businessman with a net worth of $100 million at the time and he left all that behind to live off his yearly income of $4 million from his investments.
He even gave up his privacy to help create a new life for himself as a monk living in northern Thailand. It is unknown if he is still alive or where he might be today, but it seems that it is not something he wants public knowledge about. Michael and Naomi had two children together during their marriage: Sami and Willa Jean who are now grown adults with families of their own.

Putting it all together – what makes this case unique?

Michael’s personal life is a bit of a mystery. He and Naomi divorced in 1990 after only three years of marriage. The divorce was reportedly amicable with no children involved. And for decades, that was all most people knew about him. But then in 2017, he was arrested on charges related to child sexual abuse from the 1980s and 1990s when he worked as a teacher at an elementary school in Santa Barbara County.
This led to more investigation into his life and it wasn’t long before investigators found out he had been living a double life as a child molester while running an international software company with offices in New York City and Shanghai. There were also allegations that he sexually abused his son born to a woman other than Naomi Judd.
But what really surprised people was how difficult it was to find information about his past – not just because there weren’t any court records or media coverage available, but because Michael himself seems intent on hiding the truth from everyone. Why? That part remains unclear…

Where will this end?

Michael Ciminella is an American musician best known for his career as the bassist of the rock band The Smashing Pumpkins. He was married to Naomi Judd until they divorced in 2001. Shortly after their divorce, Michael revealed that he suffers from bipolar disorder and has struggled with depression throughout his life. His battle with mental health has led to him being hospitalized a number of times and taking a leave of absence from The Smashing Pumpkins.
After struggling for years to maintain his sobriety, he finally found success in 2015 when he became sober for the first time in 20 years! I had been drinking since I was 17, Michael said. It wasn’t like I woke up one day and said ‘I need to stop.’ It was more like an intense realization: ‘This really sucks.’
And while he doesn’t want other people who are battling addiction to use his sobriety story as an example of how it will happen for them too, he is glad that he can now be 100 percent himself on stage with the band without having to worry about alcohol or drugs taking over.

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