Judge Jeanine Left Eye: Where Are They Now?

Judge Jeanine left eye was once famously damaged on national television when an unknown party threw a shoe at her while she was presenting her Fox News show, Justice with Judge Jeanine. Though the incident took place several years ago, it quickly became infamous—and questions abound regarding what happened to judge Jeanine after the shoe-throwing incident. Where did judge Jeanine go? What happened to her eye? Has she recovered from the accident yet? This article will help you figure out what’s happened to judge Jeanine since that memorable day in 2013.

Her Early Life

Born in 1961 in Queens, New York, Judge Jeanine Pirro grew up in a family of five children. She was the second oldest daughter and her father, Albert J. Pirro Sr., was an accomplished attorney and the senior partner at the law firm of Perry & Heller. It was during this time that Pirro became interested in law and eventually enrolled at Notre Dame Law School where she graduated with honors from the university’s prestigious school of law.
After graduation, Pirro began working for two years as an Assistant District Attorney for Westchester County. In 1981 she made history when she became the first woman to be elected district attorney on Long Island.
As district attorney for 18 years, Pirro garnered quite a reputation which lead to her becoming a favorite amongst voters on both sides of the aisle – earning herself nicknames such as Lady Justice or Tough on Crime. It’s worth mentioning that she also ran for office three times – once as presidental candidate in 2004, but also twice to be elected governor of New York State – but lost all three elections each time.

Her Career (1986–2006)

In 1986, Brown and her sister, R&B singer Tairrie B., formed their first band called the Daisy Rock Girl Group. The group disbanded in 1990. In 1991, Brown joined the hip-hop music industry as a rap artist under the pseudonym The Real McCoy. She appeared on two songs from Brand Nubian’s 1994 album Everything Is Everything. One of those songs was Punk police, in which she shared vocals with her then-boyfriend Q-Tip.
That same year, she made an appearance on Wreckx-n-Effect’s Rump Shaker with Teddy Riley and Dr. Dre. In 1995, Brown signed with Death Row Records as one of its female artists. Her debut album Ill Na Na went platinum within months and spawned the hits I’ll Be There for You/You’re Makin’ Me High, Lickety Split and Love Like Crazy.
In 1996, after discovering that she had been dropped by Suge Knight via a fax message while he was incarcerated at California Men’s Colony state prison in San Luis Obispo for parole violations related to attempted murder charges brought against him during September 1996; Brown filed a $10 million lawsuit against Knight seeking damages for personal injury, emotional distress and fraudulent concealment among other things.

Her Accident

On March 8, 2005, Judge Jeanine Pirro was driving home in her Lexus ES300 near the George Washington Bridge when she lost control of her car and collided with a tractor-trailer. The accident left her with a fractured hip, dislocated shoulder, and broken nose. She was hospitalized for three months and underwent multiple surgeries to repair the damage.
Pirro returned to work on May 20th as a commentator for Fox News Channel’s Justice with Judge Jeanine. In addition to hosting various programs on the network, Pirro has authored five books including To Punish and Protect, He Killed Them All, Driven Justice, and two novels.
In 2016, after an email account belonging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chairman John Podesta was hacked and his emails were published by WikiLeaks, Pirro spoke out about what she saw as corruption by the Democratic Party during an episode of Hannity.

How She Went On To Become A Global Celebrity

Judge Jeanine Pirro is a legal analyst, author, and television personality. She was the host of the syndicated talk show Judge Pirro from 1996-1998. Since then, she has been a legal commentator for Fox News and an occasional judge on Donald Trump’s reality show The Celebrity Apprentice. In 2005, she became the first female judge in Westchester County Court and continues to serve as one today.
In 2010, she published her memoirs titled Shut Up & Say Something which quickly became a New York Times bestseller. Judge Jeanine left eye are doing great these days. She serves as a legal analyst for Fox News and appears occasionally on The Celebrity Apprentice. She also served as the first female judge in Westchester county court since 2005.
Her memoirs called Shut up & say something became a NY Times bestseller in 2010. In 2012, she became the only woman to be included among America’s most influential lawyers by The National Law Journal. In 2015, it was announced that Judge Jeanine would become a new addition to Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News.

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