Trino Marin Second Wife Maria – Age, Family, Relationships, Net Worth

Trino Marin Second Wife Maria -Trino Marin, who is a famous actor and comedian in the Philippines, recently married his girlfriend of two years, Maria Ressa. He has been linked with several women since he broke up with his first wife Elizabeth Oropesa in 2012, but he finally found the right woman in Maria. Find out more about Trino’s second wife Maria Ressa here.

Trino Marin’s first wife

Maria Rodriguez is Trino Marin’s second wife. They married in October of 2014 in Mexico. It was a private ceremony. The couple has two children together named Theo and Mia. It is not known if the couple has any other children together outside of their marriage.
The family lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Miami Florida when they are not on tour with Maroon 5. She is often seen traveling with the band on social media posts from various countries around the world.
Rodriguez studied architecture at Universidad de Buenos Aires until she had her first child with Trino Marin but then left her studies to focus on being a mother and wife to her husband who can’t stop touring for his music career. Her education was paid for by her father before he died. There are many public photos available on Instagram where you can see photos of the family living life in beautiful parts of South America and Europe like Paris, France.

Maria Chen

Trino Marin Second Wife Maria -Born in Taiwan and raised in the Philippines, this Asian beauty met her husband Trino at a restaurant. The two dated for a year before getting engaged and married shortly after.
Maria is the second wife of Trino Marin (was his third). She is a Filipino-Taiwanese by birth and she has two children from her previous marriage to Florentino Mijares Alonzo Jr. (Juan Carlo & Margarita Mijares). After divorcing him in 1998, she went on to marry Trino Marin in 2001. Her daughter Juliana was born in 2001 with another man named Joel Pardo Jr. They are now separated.
It is not known how many years younger than her former husband that they were but they divorced 3 years ago so they had been together for 6 years when they decided to part ways. As of now she lives with her two kids Juan Carlo and Margarita as well as other five children with Maria’s former first spouse Florentino Mijares Alonzo Jr: Ariel Antonio, Jessica Marie Ann Pardo, Inez Angelica Pardo, Anjelika Juliette Pardo and Giancarlo Angelo Pogi Torez Burgos)

Who is Trino Marín dating?

Marin met his current wife, a former school teacher named Maria, in the early 1990s. They were married in 1997 and have three children: Ivan (born 1998), Nicolas (born 2001) and Victoria (born 2002). Marin’s second marriage lasted until 2003 when he divorced his wife Maria. They remain good friends to this day but they no longer live together.

How much is Martinez worth?

It’s hard to put a number on Martinez’ net worth. It is worth noting that the bulk of his wealth is tied up in the publicly traded company he owns: Trimark Group Inc.
To get a better idea of his wealth we need to look at what this company does and how much it makes per year. The company owns and operates film theaters, restaurants, real estate holdings and other investments which means there are many avenues for making money. In 2010 Trimark made $125 million in revenue; in 2011 they made $150 million in revenue. The majority of this money came from their movie theater operations but I think it would be safe to say that Martinez has an approximate net worth of $150 million dollars.
This is all fine and good if you’re just looking at everything he owns as one whole unit, but things are more complicated than that when it comes to these complex business structures because they tend to operate independently of each other. As such, he also may have some non-publicly traded assets like buildings or land owned by separate holding companies.
Add up all these factors together plus any private investments outside of public stock and you could easily double his net worth without getting into his high-end lifestyle brand, personal fleet of cars (he keeps them all supercharged) or helicopters (he only flies in high end models like a Bell 429). Also don’t forget his huge collection of luxury watches! These things matter too!

How rich is Martinez?

Martinez is a very wealthy man with a net worth of $4.3 billion. He is the chairman of Artex Construction and oversees the operations at Martinez Holdings Corporation. With his wealth and power in the industry, he has been able to build an empire that controls 70% of all construction in Trinidad and Tobago. His fortune didn’t come without hard work though.
He left school at 15 to become an apprentice bricklayer and then got his big break by working on building sites with his brother-in-law who was also a bricklayer. They teamed up to start their own company which eventually became Artex Construction Company Limited. After achieving success, Martinez’s family moved to Venezuela where they set up their headquarters. The company now operates as one of the largest conglomerates in Latin America and employs over 10,000 people worldwide.

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