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What’s your age?

Therealbrittfitt -I am 22 years old. I was born in the Philippines and raised in the United States. I’m an only child who grew up with three different sets of parents. My dad is Filipino and my mom is American. They divorced when I was five and I moved to the U.S. to live with my mom and her new husband, also American. When I turned 13, my mom had another daughter with her new husband so my sister and I became stepsisters! What’s your height?: I am 5’6” tall. If you could be any animal what would you be?:
Definitely a giraffe or a sloth because they’re so chill. What’s your family like? What do they do?: My family lives all over the world, but we all talk on Facetime often enough that it feels like we’re right next door. We’re pretty close-knit considering how spread out we are! And what do they do?
Well, my dad is a doctor and he helps people in third world countries by providing them with free medical care while my mother has been doing missionary work for most of her life. My stepfather retired from the military after 27 years and now he works as a journalist. My sister just graduated college last year with a degree in law and she’s currently applying for law school.

How tall are you?

Therealbrittfitt -I’m 5’6 and I feel like I’m just the right height.
My dad is 6’2 and my mom is 5’10, so it’s pretty normal for me to be taller than most people.
In high school it was super annoying because I would always have to wear heels or wedges just to feel equal in height to my friends.
I tried out for the track team in high school and during the first day of practice they had us do a running test. The coach told me that if I wanted a chance at making it on the team then I should work on my sprinting speed. So every day after school for about an hour or two, I would sprint around this track by our house.
It was seriously challenging and painful, but it made me realize how much of a difference height can make when you’re playing sports. I went from being one of the slowest runners to being one of the fastest on the team! And with all the hours of training I put in, I became stronger too. Now, not only am I fast and strong but also tall enough to dunk!
I used to think that being tall meant you were automatically athletic too, but there are plenty of short athletes out there who’ve become pro stars (like Usain Bolt)! You don’t need height to be an amazing athlete; all you need is hard work and dedication.

Tell us about your family.

Therealbrittfitt -My family and I live in Greensboro, North Carolina. My parents have been married for 41 years and are still going strong! I have two younger sisters who are my best friends and I couldn’t imagine life without them. My brother-in-law is the most supportive husband to my sister. He takes care of her like she’s the most important thing in the world to him. My niece is such a sweetheart and has us all wrapped around her little finger. She’s so adorable and we love her to pieces!
We’re a close knit family that loves spending time together doing all sorts of things; everything from playing games at home to out on adventures. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as we’re together it’s fun! After high school, I went to UNC Chapel Hill and graduated with a degree in Psychology and Social Work. Now, I work as an administrator at a residential treatment center where I help people struggling with mental health issues learn how to live healthier lives. The days can be long but it feels great knowing that each day counts.
If you want more information about my life or business you can follow me on Instagram @therealbrittfitt

How long have you been posting videos?

Therealbrittfitt -Britt would like to use this content to inform her fans on what she’s been up to lately. She plans to upload more content in the future with more details about her life. She hopes that you can all tune in and enjoy the show! Britt is still working hard every day to maintain her physique. When asked if it’s difficult to maintain, she answered You have a lot of temptations out there, but quickly continued, I’m eating better now. She also says that it’s not hard for her because I’ve always wanted to be healthier.
She may not have had the upbringing of your typical Hollywood star, but Britt is living proof that where you come from does not determine who you will become. Her story has resonated with so many people across the globe, which has led her to take a step back and consider why she became so popular. Her conclusion? It might just be because people really do love an underdog story! No matter what you believe, one thing is certain-Britt’s following continues to grow stronger and stronger.
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