What Are the Different Banner Finishing Options? Learn Some Effective Ones!

For maintaining the durability of the vinyl banners, the selection of the right finishing option is necessary.  Many banners fail due to poor installation and poor finishing. Effective Finishing Options can add functionality and easily help you to get the most out of your banner. Let us go through some of the effective finishing options.

Welded Hems

Anything that is welded can add strength to your original product. Similarly, welded hems can be done on the four edges of the banner. The edges are welded by using the heat process that creates a very smooth and strong bond with very crisp edges.

Your designs will never get messed up due to the welding. The hem can easily be heat-pressed without disrupting the design. The welded hems give you added security that the edges will never be frayed or torn during the display. Tearing and fraying are very common when the banner is pulled if they are not welded. So, most of the banners come with free welded hems that can provide display without any obstructions for a longer period.


Metal grommets are generally used on the four corners of the banner providing you with anchor points. Now, the anchor points are used for attaching screws, nails, rope, strings, and zip ties. If the banner is very large, the number of grommets can increase ensuring more options for holding or hanging the banner firmly in place. The banners can be suspended from the beams, balconies, ceiling, or any other overhanging surface directly. The banners on the cheap will help you with different hanging ideas of the banners so that the grommets are ideally used.

Pole Pockets

The pole pockets help the poles to be inserted into the body of the banner for an effective display. The pockets can either be on the top or at the bottom and in both positions of the banner. If you do not want to carry poles along with the banners, you can utilize the pole pockets by protruding the banners from posts or walls, similar to how a flag is hung. Rope or string should be threaded within the pockets for fastening the banners with surfaces and objects such as fences. You can also customize the pole banners with the help of the pole pockets and can customize your display on the school campuses or streets.

Flash Cut

Flash cut is another option, where the edges of the banners have a clean cut, unlike the welded hems. The material ends without additional folding, or sewing. This cut is generally used where the banners are used as decorative pieces and are not pulled out at the edges. This type of cutting will never hamper the designs of digital prints. The banners are generally hung using clamps or placed within the frame.


With the help of different finishing options for the banners, you can effectively customize the display positions of your banners. You may also have the option of whether you require a gloss or a matte finish. According to different requirements, you may customize your banner display with different finishing options.

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